A New Game Mode and Master in MXM! Natium Defense & Titus


A new game mode, Natium Defense, and new Master, Titus, was revealed via MXM’s official Twitch channel on September 8th.

The manager of MXM community, Deirdre “DD” Hollis, and the Brand Manager for MXM, Sean Orlikowski, introduced Titus and his skills, and demonstrated playing Natium Defense, a new PvE mode in MXM, as it was previously told.

The new Master, Titus, is a tanky support with high HP, unlike other ordinary support Masters. Titus’s skill sets were comprised of mostly healing and team buff skills, which makes it hard for Titus to score a kill or deal damage himself, although he is extremely effective in protecting and supporting allies.

Notably, his ult, ‘Divine Intervention,’ leaves a mark on allies in a wide area and revives the dead ones if the marks are still there, which will have a huge impact on the team during the teamfights. The Nodes used for Titus were mostly Cooldown Reduction since supporting allies by using skills is one of his crucial roles.

The viewers got the chance to peek at Titus’ two skins, Vicar Titus and Wasteland Titus, of which the in-game model and the illustration could be seen on the stream.


▲ The MXM Community Manager, Deirdre “DD” Hollis, and the MXM Brand Manager, Sean Orlikowski.
▲ The in-game model for Titus’ classic skin.
▲ The illust for Vicar Titus.
▲ The in-game model for Vicar Titus.
▲ The illust for Wasteland Titus.
▲ The in-game model for Wasteland Titus.
▲ His massive size stands out in comparison with Taejin.
▲ A skill that heals a single ally target.
▲ Another skill that heals if an ally is hit,
▲ and deals damage if an enemy is hit.
▲ A skill that creates an AoE that increases ally movement speed, while reducing that of enemy’s.
▲ A skill that creates an AoE that deals constant damage to enemies standing on the area,
▲ and heals allies within.
▲ Titus’ ult, ‘Divine Intervention’ revives allies within the AoE.
▲ Titus’ weapon attacks are similar to that of R&B but does not overheat.
▲ In addition, he can also creat a field that heals allies while charging weapon attack.
▲ After charging, Titus inflicts a bigger AoE attack.


Natium Defense is a PvE challenge game mode with five people playing as a team. Natium Defense can only be played with the Nightmare difficulty level, and the main goal of the game is to survive 30 waves of minions and kill the boss monster.

Players must use the environment, resources, and the Auxiliary Skills that can only be used in the Natium Defense mode to fight off the enemies that are constantly swarming to destroy the Natium. Teamwork is crucial here as the minion waves start from several places in the map, and enemies with various special abilities appear.

There are monsters that drop crystals upon death, which can be used to defend the Natium by rebuilding a destroyed tower or summoning a Guardian that fights for allies. It is also possible to eliminate all enemies on the map by consuming 3 crystals, thus it is important to use the crystals wisely.

The games ends once either the Natium is destroyed or the team manages to defend all 30 waves, and they will be given ranking and rewards based on the number of the waves cleared and the time. 


▲ Natium Defense mode can only be played in Nightmare difficulty level.
▲ The main goal of the mode is to defend the Natium against the swarming enemy waves.
▲ Once the waves begin, monsters with various special abilities will also appear.
▲ Masters with AoE skills are preferred in this mode to kill several monsters at the same time.
▲ Masters with CC skills to slow down the boss monster are also good in this mode as well.
▲ The gate that is summoned and attacks ally Masters. Overlooking the gate could result in great damage.
▲There are monsters that drop crystals when killed, which is the essential resource for defending the Natium.
▲ You can either summon a guardian or eliminate all enemies on the map by using crystals.
▲ Once activated, enemies will be eliminated after a countdown.
▲ The game ends once the Natium Core Integrity hits 0%.
▲Certain strategies are needed depending on the monsters that come with the waves. 
▲ The Guardian that can be summoned by consuming 1 crystal.
▲ The Natium Core was destroyed during the 22nd wave in the game.
▲ Players will receive ranking and rewards based on the waves cleared and the time.

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