Blizzard reveals a special interview with the astronaut who took StarCraft to the stars

On September 7th (PDT), Blizzard Entertainment revealed a very special interview with Daniel T. Barry - the astronaut who took part in the first mission to dock with the International Space Station and got on board the Space Shuttle 'Discovery' along with a copy of StarCraft.

This only copy of StarCraft that flew in space orbited approximately 3.7 million miles around the Earth for 9 days, and landed safely back to earth. To commemorate this very special event, the game disc was decorated with autographs from every astronaut who took part in the mission and sent to Blizzard's headquarter to be displayed.

The 41-minute interview asked Daniel Barry and his family's story involving Starcraft, his life goals and passion. The fans from YouTube were pleasantly surprised by this heartfelt interview, with a fan remarking how he should be an announcer pack or even a Co-op commander.

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