LZ Cuzz: "I used to be an Akali main. But when she was nerfed, I switched roles to jungler"

 Cuzz has only played one split in his entire career - but in that one Split, he claimed the LCK championship for himself and his team. Due to his sudden appearance, many fans aren't too familiar with Cuzz. So at a coffee shop near the Longzhu's gaming house, we met up with the player to hear from him about the upcoming World Championship and a little bit about himself.  

The following interview was done with the jungler for LZ, Cuzz.

Please introduce yourself for those who aren't too familiar with you.

I am the youngest player in LZ, Moon "Cuzz" Woo-Chan.

It's been awhile since the Summer Finals. How have you been?

The team gave me a rather long vacation after the Finals. So I went back home with my parents. During my break, I tried playing other games and went to get a checkup at a local hospital. I also played about 20 LoL games to not get rusty - because I wouldn't have an excuse when I return to the teamhouse and play badly. That's about it! 

You're the 8th player to take the 'royal road' in the LCK. How did it feel playing in the LCK?

Because it was my first time playing in the LCK, I didn't have any ideas on what to do or how to do anything. So my teammates and coaches guided me through the whole thing. And I didn't know, but yesterday was the 100th day since my debut. And as for the Summer Split, I was pulled along by my team.

During the post-game interview after you defeated SKT in the Finals, you said that the results seemed unreal. Looking back, how do you feel now?

Although we took the cup, our team atmosphere didn't really change - because we were always bright anyway - so, in a way, it still hasn't hit me yet. But then again, since we're getting so much offers for interviews, it's starting to feel more and more real. Interviews are fun, as it often leads to interesting conversations and it also lets us communicate with the fans.

Well, you seem quite nervous for this interview! You're having fun, right?

I'm a shy guy, so I stiff up from time to time. But I assure you, I'm very happy, and I'm having fun! (Laughs)

While playing, was there a specific player that wowed you?

I think 'Blank' is a very great player. Overall, there are two players that wowed me: Blank and Score.

What made you think that?

They both are very experienced. They're great with their macro and are very fluent in their plays - almost like water. Often times for me, my plays have errors in between and aren't as smooth. On the other hand, the other two players that I've mentioned, make barely make any mistakes and are able to play much more smoothly. I don't know exactly what differentiates us, but I think the way they perceive the game is what makes them so outstanding.

Last year, during season 6, you had hit no.1 on the Solo Queue ladder before. Even today, you are one of the top players in the ladder. Were you always confident in ranked games?

Not really - I didn't have the confidence back then. This might come as a surprise for you, but I used to main Akali. I wanted this game to be my career; so I practiced without much thinking and hit rank 1 as a result. That's when I started getting confident in my plays and thought to myself that I was a great player.

An Akali main? Did you use her in the jungle?

I used her in the toplane - because back then, I wasn't a jungler. 

Back in season 2, I used to play champions like Amumu, Sona, and Blitzcrank. In season 3, I used to play jungle Jarvan - I was in middle school during that time, and I also used to stream. Then, in season 4, I hit Challenger for the very first time with Akali. 

In season 5, at the same time when I started going to high school, Akali received a nerf. So in turn, I started playing Nidalee because she was very popular at the moment. That's also when I seriously began playing jungle as my main role.

According to GorillA, you enjoy making a lot of dad jokes.

I find dad jokes to be funny. I guess you can say that I find fun in things that others don't?

Aren't you only 19 years old?


[Since you're a rookie] I'd imagine that you haven't had the chance to befriend other pros aside from your teammates. Are there players that you want to befriend?

Well, because I'm a jungler, I'd want to befriend other junglers. And If that ever happens, I'd be able to discuss with him and even compete with him. I don't know if that'll ever happen, but I definitely would want that.

In a previous interview with Khan, he said that it's the jungler's fault if the toplaner loses during the laning phase. On behalf of all the junglers in Korea, what do you want to say? (Laughs)

What Khan said also works the other way around - junglers could have a hard time because of the toplaner. If top constantly dies, it's the toplaner's fault. If the midlaner constantly dies, it's the midlaner's fault, and so on and so forth for botlane as well. The jungler is not at fault in those cases. (Laughs)

It's your very first time attending the World Championship. 

I would probably be a bit nervous because it's my very first time, but I will do my best to play nervous-free and show performance that exceeds the ones I've shown on the LCK. I will make the dream of LZ beating Worlds a reality.

Final words to those who are watching the interview?

I actually browse the Inven forums quite often. And I want to thank all those who are watching this interview, despite the fact that I'm not even that popular. Please continue to read or watch my interviews in the future, and thank you for always cheering for me and showing interest. I will continue to play at my best.

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