LZ Khan & Bdd after their AMA: “We want to be the best at Worlds.”

Inven Global held an AMA event with Khan and Bdd from Longzhu Gaming on September 6th.

Just as these two have completely different in-game styles, their answers to the questions asked during the AMA were different as well; Khan was a cheerful guy, who happily joked around with his fans, while Bdd was rather shy and cautious, yet humble to the support he got from his fans.

Here is the interview we had with Khan & Bdd after their AMA.


▶ AMA with Khan - Ask Us Anything

▶ AMA with Bdd - Ask Us Anything




This was your first AMA after your debuts. How do you feel?

Khan: It was really interesting since I got to know the thoughts of our fans from all over the world, whom I didn’t have the chance to meet.

Bdd: It was fun to talk to our global fans, and I’d love to do it again some time!

What was the most interesting question from this AMA?

Khan: The one about who I’d choose if all my teammates became women. It was refreshing, yet disgusting (laughs).

Bdd: The one about Faker vs. Madlife. That was really hard to choose for me. And I also saw that question for Khan about whom he’d choose as his girlfriend if all his teammates became women. I know that Khan likes me alot, but that didn’t feel great…. (Laughs) I’d also like to thank our fan who drew me with my team- I love it!


▲ The question that left the biggest impression on Khan.
▲ The question that left the biggest impression on Bdd.
▲ Some fanart Bdd got from his fan; Bdd with the Longzhu Dragon in the form of dragon goddess.


The LCK Summer Split was very intense; were you confident that you’d win? Was there any moment you knew you’d win?

Khan: To be honest, I thought it’d be great if we even got as far as the Playoffs at the early Summer Split. But we started to get better results, and our hopes for winning were up after we won against SSG in the 2nd round.

Bdd: I think everyone started becoming more confident as we continued to win. I felt that we would be able to win in LCK after we won against SSG and made it to the Finals.

How was LZ after the victory?

Khan: Everyone in the the team got to go on a rather long vacation. Although I didn’t go somewhere else for a long time, and practiced like usual.

Bdd: I took a rest to cool my head off, and practiced like usual as well.

How is your practice for Worlds coming along?

Khan: Currently, I’m practicing while trying to improve what I think I am lacking in.

Bdd: I’ve been studying more various champion picks, and practicing mainly on team fights.

I think your goal for the League of Legends World Championship is to win, obviously, but I’ll ask just in case; Is there any other desire you’d like to fulfill while at Worlds?

Khan: Of course, be selected as MVP for Worlds! (Laughs)

Bdd: Win against all mid laners at Worlds.

Is there anything you’d like to say to your fans? Also, what’s your main ambition for Worlds?

Khan: I’ll try to be the Khan that shows something completely new without saying much. I appreciate your support, and I’ll show some gameplay worth watching at Worlds!

Bdd: I thank everyone for their support, and I’ll do my best to win at Worlds.

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