The Making of the Overwatch Animated Short, “Rise and Shine”

Source provided by Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. has revealed a behind-the-scenes video for their animated short, “Rise and Shine,” which is about Mei, a character from their popular FPS game, Overwatch.

This 6 minute and 27 second video shows the Overwatch devs and Blizzard cinematic team explaining what their focus was while making “Rise and Shine,” as well as how Mei came to be as she is in both within the story of the game and in the game itself, the importance of the stories each Hero has in Overwatch, and their future vision for the game.

The video delivers a few details about Mei that some Overwatch fans were curious about, and also describes the message that the devs and the cinematic team wanted to send via their animated shorts. Along with “Rise and Shine,” The making of “Rise and Shine” can be watched on the official Overwatch YouTube channel.

“Rise and Shine” was first revealed from August 23rd to 27th in Gamescom 2017, Cologne, and depicts Mei, a Chinese Hero from Overwatch.

The animation takes place in Eco-Watchpoint: Antarctica, where Mei and her team were cut off from the outside world due to a dangerous blizzard. Low on their supplies, the team decided to enter cryostasis until they were rescued. However, that did not go as planned, and Mei was the only survivor to wake up from hibernation after 9 years. With not much power left to spare at the station, Mei resolves to stand up against despair and carry on the will of her team.

Further details on Overwatch can be found on the official Overwatch website, and the video and screenshots can be seen on the Blizzard Press Center.

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