League of Legends World Championship: The Clash of Titans


Today's editorial cartoon is about the frequent contenders of 'League of Legends' World Championships.

By far the biggest tournament in the LoL esports scene, the World Championship is at our doorsteps. Although it is quite significant to claim the title of Champions in one of the most cutthroat competitions in esports, it is also important to represent each team's origins in the battle for first place. Every team had their goals set on reaching the very stage at Worlds, and the very opportunity to fight against the best of the best from every region must be daunting yet exciting. Because of such competitive goals set by every team in the LCS, LCK, and the other leagues, Worlds is getting much more entertaining and competitive by the year. 

Although new teams enter the World Championship every year, familiar faces can be seen throughout the competition. I guess the saying "one with experience knows how to succeed" has its own merit. Displaying for the last 4 years, incredible results, the honorary team, EDG, has yet to fail the audience and the crowd of showing their potential. Same goes to TSM, as they have been contending for 7 consecutive years. We also cannot forget about the most well-known team in the entire esports scene, SKT T1. Other teams such as: G2, ahq e-Sports, and Flash Wolves should not be underestimated, as they had fans witness their capability in previous global tournaments.

In light of what has been said, just because a team has re-entered Worlds does not necessarily mean it is a good sign. Nonetheless, a frequent appearance at a stage as large as Worlds grants undeniable experience against teams across the globe. No one can truly know the outcome against the rookie teams and the veterans. Fans are ecstatic of any outcome that might revolutionize the esports scene itself. All we can do now is to be anxious for the upcoming World Championship.

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    level 1 segaea


    Why are there literally no comments on any of the esports related posts?

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      level 1 Ianis_Borne


      make a disqus or facebook chat, otherwise we're too lazy to reply

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