World Championship is Coming: Boot Camp Commences in Korea With the Strongest Teams From Around the World

The 2017 World Championship is right around the corner. 

In preparation for the upcoming tournament, teams from around the world have started moving across the globe to gather in one place, Korea. Commonly known as 'boot camp', it's an essential procedure in which teams practice against other teams whom they didn't have the opportunity to face in their individual regional leagues. This will allow them to get a sneak peek at what to expect when Worlds starts, and teams can also learn strategies that they haven't seen before.

Boot camp not only benefits the teams in terms of macro management, but it also helps improve individual players' micro plays as well. By being able to play with single digit ping, players can scrim and Solo Queue as if they are playing on LAN. This will let the players get used to the immediate key response and help maintain their reflexes up until the tournament. 

Traveling such a far distance just to practice for awhile may seem like a waste of time and money - not to mention the physical stress it can apply to players. But the upcoming tournament is the biggest event in League of Legends history, and sacrifices must be made to increase their chances of victory. 

The following are the teams that are soon expected to arrive in Korea:

▲NA LCS, 'Team Solo Mid'

TSM, the champions of NA LCS, are expected to arrive around next week. Already being one of the top contenders for Worlds, we expect the team to grow even stronger once they join their existing knowledge with what they will learn from their boot camp.

▲ NA LCS, 'Immortals'

IMT is the 2nd placed team in the 2017 NA LCS Summer Split. This team already displayed an incredible amount of growth - from being a 7th placed team during the Spring to being the 2nd best team in NA during the Summer. They've shown that they have the necessary potential to be a top contender at Worlds. They're expected to arrive in Korea around the same time as TSM.

▲ EU LCS, 'G2 Esports'

G2 are the proud champions of the EU LCS. Although they've already proven their worth by lifting the LCS cup on multiple occasions, they showed the entire world that they are a top contender for international tournaments by reaching the finals of MSI 2017. G2 is a team that others must watch out for. They are expected to arrive in Korea sometime next week.

▲ EU LCS, 'Misfits'

MSF is the 2nd placed team in the 2017 EU LCS Summer Split. In the past, they were one of the lesser known teams in the region, but through this Split, by displaying determination and the will necessary to be called a "top" team, MSF has reached the LCS Finals for the very first time. They definitely proved that they have the potential... and they might further it here in Korea. MSF is currently on the plane.

▲ TCL, '1907 Fenerbahçe'

FB are the new champions of the TCL, a lesser known league (Turkish). But just because they are lesser known, that should not be a reason to underestimate this team. FB did not drop a single game during 'Rift Rivals: Green Rift', and has shown that they are unshaken by the pressure of playing on an international stage. The players are expected to arrive in a couple of days.


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