SSG Head Coach Edgar: "We were slacking when we were the no.1 team in the LCK standings"

On September 2nd, atop the 'OGN eStadium', 'Samsung Galaxy' took down 'kt Rolster' with a score of 3-0 in the Finals of the regional qualifiers. Even after giving up three inhibitors in game 3, SSG managed to pull off a perfect defense, leading them to win regardless. 

The following is an interview done with SSG's head coach, Edgar.

You've now qualified for Worlds - two years in a row. How do you feel?

I'm extremely happy. I used to always tell my players that they aren't doing their best. When we became the no.1 team in the LCK standings, we started slacking a little bit... but we got to our senses and focused doing what we did best, and in turn, we qualified for Worlds. Our subs are also great players, and I think our starting players began playing at their best in order to not fall behind them.

During the Summer Split, when was the hardest time for the team?

If you look back into the regular Split, there was not a single game that we won convincingly. Even when we were the no.1 team in the LCK standings, our scrim results were bad. That's why I think we were in a bit of a slump during that time. It was especially prominent after our series against 'Team MVP'. The reason we are called a "top" team is that we make little mistakes when playing against the bottom teams... but we weren't able to live up to our name this Split.

How was the team during the qualifiers?

Even during our series against 'Afreeca Freecs', when they were ahead of us during some of the games, I knew for a fact that we were the better team. For our series against KT and Afreeca, I knew that we'd win as long as we take the 1st set. 

In the World Championship, only six players are allowed to enter. Who will be SSG's sixth man?

I want to first thank all the sub players that we have. Haru filled in for Ambition when he was in a slump, and the two botlane subs are also great players. I'm still thinking about who to bring.

You've defeated KT in the regional qualifiers two times - two years in a row. How?

People would think normal for us to lose against KT - especially since last year, our Split record against them was 0-19. That's why we played without feeling too much pressure because we weren't worried about losing. 

This year, we reverse swept Afreeca... I think it was due to our team getting on the right track.

Any final words regarding Worlds?

I want my players to maintain their current mindset for as long as possible. During the recent week, they really practiced at their best. If we keep this on, it's possible for us to leave Worlds with even better results. 

Lastly, I want to thank all my players and staffs for everything that they have done this Split. I hope everyone maintains this momentum for Worlds and make good results. I also want to thank all our fans for their constant support.

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