IMT Flame: "Hauntzer may be a great player, but including him, I'm willing to face any toplaner with confidence"

In the current Split, Immortals' toplaner, Flame, has received tons of praise. Fans are even speculating that his current form is close to that of his prime in 2013. Along with his increased performance, his team, 'Immortals',  has also reached the LCS Finals for the first time.

The team that IMT will be facing in the Finals is a team that has been a very frequent contender, having qualified for the Finals ten splits in a row. The team in question is none other than TSM. The battle will be hard for Immortals, but at the same time, if they manage to win, the satisfaction they would obtain from the victory will far exceed any that they may have experienced in the past.

Flame, who has already arrived in Boston, was filled with confidence. "I'm a tad bit tired from the jet lag, but my overall condition is great and I don't feel nervous at all. I won't be satisfied with reaching the Finals alone; I want to win the whole thing and then go to Worlds. Hauntzer may be a great player, but including him, I'm willing to face any toplaner with confidence."

Flame continued the interview by sharing his insight on the upcoming series. "Both teams will be able to choose either red or blue side for each set. The key to victory will revolve around 'picks and bans'. It'll be extremely important to build appropriate team compositions depending on which side we're on."

We also asked Flame about the Lulu jungle that was recently utilized by 'Afreeca Freecs' in the LCK qualifiers. "The chance that she will make an appearance in NA is slim. She might prove useful for some situations, but overall, I think there are many other picks that are just downright better."

Flame also seemed to have overcome the differences that he had with Xmithie - which was a conflict that he had mentioned in a previous interview. Flame informed us by stating that the two have been "developing synergy over time," and that their "synergy will continue to get better."

Flame finalized the interview with the following statement. "Thank you always for cheering for us. Through the 'World Championship' stage, I want to show my best performance to NA and KR fans alike." The confidence exuded by Flame foreshadowed some great battles. With his ambition set and his determination ablaze, we can certainly look forward to his performance in the upcoming matches.

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