MXM New Teaser Revealed - The next Master could possibly be a Support who can resurrect


A teaser for the new Master in MXM was revealed on NC SOFT’s official YouTube Channel on August 30th.

The title for the teaser is ‘Master Teaser: An Omen Appears’ and does not show a whole since the video is just 30 seconds long. However, it was long enough to show a Master resurrection skill that brought a dead Master back to life, and a silhouette that appears to be the new Master could be seen near end of the teaser.

Here is the script that was written in the description for the teaser, which seems to be the backstory for the new Master:

"A nameless, dead planet adrift in the black. Its people, whoever they were, long forgotten. It's a common story in this harsh universe. Even Humanity is not immune to extinction and her home, Earth, certainly not a stranger to catastrophe. But within the fragments of that world... I found the salvation for another. Where there is pain, I bring relief. Where there is struggle, I bring ease. Where there is death... I bring life. No, Earth will not become another forgotten place, for Nura is with me and I... am coming home."

Considering how Yuri was previously revealed, further details on the new Master are expected to reveal soon.


▲ A dead Taejin was brought back to life.
▲ The silhouette that is assumed to be the new Master.

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