ROX Tigers Shy after his AMA: “I want to improve my potential in the next tournament.”

On August 29th, Inven Global held an AMA session with a professional League of Legends player, Shy from the ROX Tigers.

It was his first time doing an AMA and Shy was considerate with every question. Some of the questions were not easy to answer, but with his seasoned experience dealing with interviews and fan meetings, Shy was able to successfully complete the online meeting with his fans.

Below is a brief interview after his AMA.



How does it feel to have your very first AMA with your fans?

It was my first time talking to my fans overseas. I wish I had this opportunity earlier. It was fun to communicate with them.

What was the most impressive question you got from the AMA?

One fan asked me what advice I can give to aspiring pro gamers. The question reminded me of the things I did to prepare to become a pro gamer and how I felt when I made my debut.


▲ Shy picked this question as the most impressive one he got during the AMA.


You have a long career in the field, and you made a comeback after an injury. What did you do to overcome any slumps or injuries? What was your motivation?

I had a few slumps throughout my career and I’ve tried many different things to overcome those slumps. I took medications to help me, and visited hospitals. But as time passed, everything eventually got better. From my experience, I learned that time can heal; after learning that, I felt more confident. I know that even if I’m not doing very well for now, things will get better as time goes.

The teams who did not make it to the LCK Summer Playoffs had some time to rest. How are the ROX Tigers doing recently?

We came back from a long vacation and got back to our team house a few days ago. We are preparing ourselves for the next tournament.

What are your goals and plans for your future?

We still have the KeSPA Cup to play this year, and I want to improve my potential in the next tournament (both as a gamer and a coach). I will be preparing for the tournament with my best effort.


▲ Shy has been thinking about his career as a coach after his retirement.
Let us hope for the best for Shy! 

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    level 1 Eeseno

    I was really impressed that Shy took the time to give such long and comprehensible answers. He did his best in answering, I really appreciate it!

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