Heroes of the Storm

Did Blizzard just accidentally leak the Starcraft Firebat for Heroes of the Storm?



Internet sleuths deploy a combination of lurking, painstaking attention to detail, and a vast array of data mining skills to figure out things they aren't supposed to know. When it comes to Heroes of the Storm, one leak, in particular, has been consistently proven accurate. Posted on a throwaway Reddit account, the anonymous user notably predicted Stukov, Garrosh, and Kel'Thuzad each in their correct release order.

The next hero on that list is the Firebat and, just recently, it was discovered that Blizzard's "Resurrecting Kel'Thuzad" video may have accidentally featured some footage of a Blizzard employee working on the Firebat.

The video in question looks like it reveals a brief visual of the highly anticipated Firebat.

Leak aside, if you haven't watched the video above, I suggest you do so. It provides a fantastic insight on how Blizzard staff first conceptualize a new hero.

▲ The moment in question, edited for easier viewing.

As one would expect, the Heroes of the Storm community has been quick on "enhancing" the image for easy viewing

▲ Further editing for maximum visibility.

The image appears to be Starcraft related and closely resembles that of an armored Terran unit of some kind. Before you start gleefully thinking of "need a light" puns, there isn't any way to verify that this is the model of a full-blown hero. It could just as easily be a minion, or a mercenary, or even an up-and-coming skin.

However, those who trust in the prophetic leak that has inexplicably proven accurate don't need any more convincing. This "leak" only verifies that the Firebat is coming to the nexus.

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