The power of prestigious team - Solidfps-Chappie from Cloud 9 as the protagonist of Day 3



Cloud 9 showed the power of its prestigious name and claimed the victory on Day 3.

The Gamescom PUBG Invitational 2017 FPS Duo Day 3 took place in Cologne, Germany, on August 24th. As a result, the Round 1 was taken by Spaikk-Mazarini, the Round 2 was by Solidfps-Chappie, and the Round 3 was by AndyPyro-Forsen. The final winner of the 3 was Solidfps-Chappie from Cloud 9.

Korean players did not take a fortunate start from the Round 1. Due to the first-person perspective, DInghisKhan did not anticipate the ambush while entering a building and died. Juankorea died in the same way. Although Evermore-YoonRoot took a position and killed the enemies one by one, they eventually got caught and had to end the game by being placed No. 16. The intense confrontation lasted until the very end of the game, and Spaikk-Mazarini claimed the victory of the round in the end. They later revealed themselves as FPS pro gamers in the different game which drew much attention.

Cloud 9’s impressively calm performances stood out in the Round 2. It was 2v1 towards the end of the game, and Cloud 9 took over one hill and began to look for the hiding enemy. Though Avngr survived quite long by lying flat, Solidfps found the opponent while he was swapping the weapon and managed to kill him, winning the Round 2 as a result. Evermore-YoonRoot fell from confronting the enemies on the roof, and DinghisKhan-Juankorea died while moving as the safe area became smaller.

The winners of the Round 3 were AndyPyro-Forsen. Korean players died as relatively early as last games, ending the Day 3 schedule. The number of survivors became smaller as time went by, and the rest lied flat on the ground and killed anyone who tried to enter the safe area. Andypro rather took a bold action by standing up and killing every survivor who was lying on the ground with the silencer, winning the Round 3 as a result.

The accumulation of points on Day 3 determined Solidfps-Chappie from Cloud 9 to be the protagonist of the day. It turned out that the winners of the 2nd rounds in Duo have been honoured to become the final winners of the day.

Gamescom PUBG Invitational 2017 Day 3 Result

Round 1 - Spaikk-Mazarini victorious

Round 2 - Solidfps-Chappie victorious

Round 3 - AndyPyro-Forsen victorious

The FPS Duo on Day 3 won by Solidfps-Chappie


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