Video Interview with DIG Ssumday&Shrimp: "Nunu is not my favorite one, but coach Saintvicious likes Nunu too much."

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Chanho "Ssumday" Kim from Team Dignitas has been one of the most consistent toplaner in NA LCS in this split; while Byeonghoon "Shrimp" Lee, a relatively newcomer in Team Dignitas, seems to have fully adjusted to his new team.

Even as they were on a winning streak in the early split, not many thought that they'd make it to the semifinals - let alone playoffs. After all, compared to 'traditional' powerhouses such as Team SoloMid and Counter Logic Gaming, DIG's plays always had something left to be desired.

Unfortunately for DIG, the expectations eventually were proven to be true as they went on a losing streak that put them in 5-5 record in the middle of split. (We remember Ssumday being crestfallen back then)

As the split went on, however, DIG got back on their feet - with Johnny "Altec" Ru performing solidly and Shrimp-Ssumday duo showing chemistry.

Now, DIG will be playing in the semifinals, as they have defeated Cloud9 in the quarterfinals - knocking out one of the favorites to win the split.

After the quarterfinals, we've met the two Korean players that are being the backbones of Team Dignitas and asked about the team's past, present and future.


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