Yukiie-THZ, after passing the offline qualifiers, wins the PUBG Gamescom Invitational on Day 2



The Gamescom 2017 PUBG Invitational TPS Duo took place in Cologne, Germany, on August 23rd. Through the rating system, players accumulate point over the course of three matches in total, and Yukiie-THZ claimed victory on Day 2 after passing the offline qualifiers, shocking everyone who watched the event.

Round 1 was taken by wctNN-Mithrain. Korean players also gathered around the battleground after over-farming, but DinghisKhan-YoonRoot fell first, and Evermore-Juankorea followed after. When there were only 4 players left, Mithrain killed 2 players from Cloud 9 and claimed the victory of Round 1. DinghisKhan-YoonRoot were ranked No. 15 with a considerable amount of kill points, while Evermore-Juankorea were ranked No. 16 due to the lack of kill points.

Yukiie-THZ were able to win Round 2. YoonRoot got into trouble at the very beginning of the round and DinghisKhan claimed a couple of kill points while saving him. In the meantime, Evermore-Juankorea were taken by the team NBL. As the safety zone became smaller, most players started jumping into the sea to swim away. DinghisKhan had already taken his position near the shore and started killing the players who were trying to leave the sea. In the last moment of 1v1v1, DinghisKhan couldn’t make it and was placed No. 2. The result of Round 2 did not change much of the overall scores and still left wctN-Mithrain as No.1. However, DinghisKhan-YoonRoot climbed the ladder to No. 5.

Evermore died for nothing after a couple of minutes in Round 3. Although DinghisKhan-YoonRoot made some solid plays, YoonRoot died while trying to throw a grenade in a confrontation with another team. Trying to hold out as long as possible, DinghisKhan also got shot on a boat that Skoom was driving. As a result, DinghisKhan-YoonRoot, who had a chance of winning, dropped out in the middle. The winners of the Round 1 and 2 fell as the game proceeded, and Smak-VissGames from TSM won Round 3.

The atmosphere became tense as the scoreboard was about to be revealed after Round 3. Yukiie-THZ, who passed the offline qualifiers and entered the TPS Duo on Day 2, claimed the victory of Day 2, which shocked everyone at the event. With the same points acquired between wctNN-Mithrain and Sweaterr-Borg from Cloud 9, Sweaterr-Borg was placed No. 2.


Gamescom 2017 PUBG Invitational Day 2 Result

Round 1 - wctNN-Mithrain victorious

Round 2 - Yukiie-THZ victorious

Round 3 - Smak-VissGames victorious

The TPS Duo on Day 2 won by Yukiie-THZ


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