Evermore ranked No. 1 and YoonRoot No. 4 in the PUBG Gamescom Invitational Day 1


At the PUBG Gamescom Invitational Solo in Cologne, Germany on August 23rd, Korea’s Evermore managed to claim the final victory by winning Round 2 and ranking in the top 9 in Round 3. YoonRoot was ranked No. 4 by winning Round 3.

* The Gamescom Invitational Ranking System counts 1 kill for 5 points. The ranking points are 500P for No.1, 360P for No. 2, and 290P for No. 3 and 4. The final ranking is calculated by summing up the points acquired from each round.

▲ Evermore won and obtained the golden pan!


Round 1 - A monster appears; TSM_Break wins the game with 11 kills

The plane crossed over point B from 11 o'clock to 5 o'clock directions, and the first white zone was mainly around the locations called Prison and LG. In the beginning, most players focused on farming and surviving. When the third white zone appeared at the intersection to the left of the bunker, the game started to have a number of casualties.

One of the notable players was TSM_Break. He landed some incredible shots and managed to kill 11 players, and won Round 1 by surviving until the very last moment. As a result, his total ranking points were 555 counting kill points and victory points, making it an almost unrivalled score.

Meanwhile, Juankorea from South Korea was out of the game in the early phase, and YoonRoot managed to stay as No. 50. Evermore showed some safe play, but died alone in a buggy. DinghisKhan was the best among the 4 players who survived and was ranked No. 10.

▲ TSM_Break won Round 1 with incredible shots

www.twitch.tv의 inven_tv에서 라이브 동영상 시청


Round 2 - Evermore ranked No. 1 with the defense meta

The direction of the transport in the Round 2 was from the Point L to K. The white zone was set in the middle of the intersection to the left of the bunker, and it was slightly located to the right on the entire map.

There was a funny moment that happened right at the beginning. JaredFPS claimed the supplies first and obtained a Groza, but then died by falling off a cliff while riding a motorcycle.

DinghisKhan was still showing off by placing himself No. 8, but Juankorea, unfortunately, died while moving when there were 17 people left.

The highlight of the round was the battle between TSM_VSS and LiquidScoom, the winner of the previous Dreamhack Duo, and LiquidScoom won in the end. However, Evermore heard the gunfire and claimed the last kill, winning Round 2.

▲ Evermore ranked No. 1 in Round 2 with his somewhat squishy play

www.twitch.tv의 inven_tv에서 라이브 동영상 시청


Round 3 - YoonRoot kills one by one, and wins the round

Round 3 started, and many were trying to predict who would be the final victory between TSM_Break and Evermore.

The direction of the transport was from the right-hand side near Point K, crossing over to Point N to the left, and the white zone was set on the southern Military Base. TSM_Break took his first step and obtained points by killing players one by one. However, he died in the middle of his venture, and it seemed like the goddess of victory was smiling at Evermore.

However, Evermore got stuck in between the rocks when he was climbing the southern cliff of the Military Base, and he decided to survive as long as possible with bandages. Meanwhile, YoonRoot was his best assistant, killing 2 players and reducing the number of survivors. Eventually, Evermore was ranked No. 9 by relying solely on bandages and first aid kits.

YoonRoot survived until the last moment when he faced Sequisha in a 1v1 battle, and claimed the victory of the round with an excellent shot.

▲ YoonRoot won Round 3

www.twitch.tv의 inven_tv에서 라이브 동영상 시청


Evermore received 790 total ranking points and was ranked No. 1, and claimed the prize of $15,000. YoonRoot, who was ranked No. 1 in Round 3, placed No. 4 with 620P and claimed $4,500.

DinghisKhan and YoonRoot will be assigned as team 1 and JuanKorea and Evermore as team 2 for the upcoming TPS Duo on Day 2. For the FPS Duo on Day 3, team 1 will be DinghisKhan and Juankorea, and team 2 will be YoonRoot and Evermore.

▲ A snapshot after the game (feat. golden pan)


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