Faker to BDD: "Thanks for being a fan... but I won't go easy on you just because you are one"

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On the 22nd of August(KST), hosted by Riot Korea, 'LCK Summer Finals Media Day' took place in Gangnam Korea. Being the very first of its kind, the event featured the two teams that will play in the Summer Finals on the 26th. During this event, players and coaches from 'SK Telecom T1' and 'Longzhu Gaming' alike, shared their thoughts regarding their upcoming series. 

Following the footsteps of their coaches, players from both LZ and SKT also took part in the fun banter this event introduced. 

(To Peanut and PraY) What would you like to tell each other regarding the Finals?

Peanut: I want both of us to be at our very best for the series. I want to make the games fun for the audience, and I want to win.

PraY: There is nothing more satisfying than beating your old teammates. I want to win the series and make the games fun for the audience at the same time.

▲ The 'SK Telecom T1' lineup

(To GorillA and Faker) Understanding the meta is key to victory. And so, what are your opinions on the current [tank]meta?

GorillA: Just like SKT, we also have two toplaners in the roster, and they both know how to play the role accordingly. The meta will always shift, yes, but our confident toplaners are always open to change. I truly believe that the meta will not affect their performances in any way.

Faker: Our team qualified for the playoffs as a wildcard team... but ended up climbing all the way up to the Finals. In turn, we saw much more play on stage, and I think that's why our team is better at adapting to the meta when compared to LZ. Even in the past, SKT always performed well when the meta involved tanks in the toplane - and so, I'm not really worried for the Finals. Also, I'm willing to study and utilize the different tactics used in other regions. I saw midlane Kayn being played in China and Europe, and I think other various picks could also see play.

(To GorillA and Faker) Please make a score prediction for the Finals.

GorillA: Winning the very first set will be of utmost importance[for morale]. Of course, the best "scenario" would be a score of 3-0 in our favor.

Faker: I agree with GorillA, the first set will be very important. And although we won't know how the Finals will be played out, I want to beat LZ with a score of 3-1 or even 3-0.

(To BDD and Faker) BDD, you have said before that Faker is your role model. How do you feel about meeting him in the Finals? The same question goes for you too, Faker.

BDD: He's a player that I really like and respect. Even as a professional gamer myself, I still watch Faker's VODs to learn from him and refine my playstyle. Personally, I'm both excited and nervous at the same time to play against him in the Finals. I will give my absolute best to beat him, even if it costs me my life.

Faker: Thank you for being a fan... but I won't go easy on you just because you are one. During the Finals, whether you are a fan or not, I will play at my full force and defeat you. 

▲ The 'Longzhu Gaming' lineup

(To BDD and Faker) In the current meta, utilization of two marksmen (mid and bot) are common. How do you effectively beat this composition?

BDD: I can't disclose too much information... but in my opinion, I think midlane Kayn, Lux who is capable of one-shotting ADCs, and Cho'Gath who has been fully equipped with DPS items would be great against that comp. (Laughs)

Faker: Nonsense. I think I've laughed too much from his comment. The true way to counter that composition is by building a better one. 

(To PraY and Bang) The both of you are very well-known for having played in many important matches. 

PraY: I don't really have anything to say to Bang. We've met countless times in the past and in turn, came to know each other very well. We have an ill-fated relationship, but through this upcoming series, I want to change that.

Bang: PraY, GorillA, Wolf, and I have been seeing each other quite often for the past 2 years... I will display great performance in the upcoming series.

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