Heroes of the Storm

The Call of Kel'Thuzad announced at Gamescom! Kel'Thuzad is a spell-casting assassin.



▲ Similar to the Machines of War event announced last Gamescom, Call of Kel'Thuzad seems like an event that will introduce tons of new content to Heroes of the Storm.

The below cinematic that eventually introduced one of the most anticipated Warcraft legends to enter Heroes of the Storm begins with a grand deception:

Jaina, who appears to be fighting for the forces of good reveals to be corrupted by Kel'Thuzad, serving him as a Dreadlord. Zagara and Sonya have met a similar fate, completely enslaved by Kel'Thuzad, but boasting increased power as a Crypt-Queen and Deathknight. We see SGT. Hammer punch Zagara in the face, which as amazing as it sounds, couldn't top the reveal of Kel'Thuzad.

▲ The moment that set the stream chat on fire.

We don't know for sure what Call of Kel'Thuzad will bring to the game, but we know for certain Kel'Thuzad and a host of new skins for similarly "corrupted" heroes are on the way. You can check out Kel'Thuzads abilities on his official battle.net page, but the real story will be when his full talents are revealed.

More on this story and content reveal as it develops.


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