SKT Blank: "Out of my many nicknames, 'God-Gu-Knight' is my favorite"

On the 19th of August(KST), held in the 'OGN eStadium', 'kt Rolster' and 'SK Telecom T1' clashed to decide who proceeds to the Finals in the LCK Summer Playoffs. With a score of 3:2, SKT pulled off a miraculous reverse sweep, claiming their spot in both the Summer Finals and Worlds. During the series, 'Blank' was subbed in for SKT when the team was down two games, only to win the next three. 

The following is an interview done with SKT Blank.

How do you feel after that victory?

Last year, we were the ones that got reverse swept. It was very exciting to be on the other end. Today's series was very important for us. 

Last year, you received a lot of criticism - especially because of the "reverse sweep" that you mentioned. How is Blank today different from the Blank back then?

I no longer feel the weight that I had on my shoulders in the past. Taking the psychological pressure out of the equation, I was able to play a lot more comfortably. I still did feel a bit of pressure today, but I did my best to play as comfortably as I can.

Your jungle pathing put a lot of emphasis on midlane.

In the current meta, the synergy between mid and jungle is very important. That's why I played around Faker. Even during the series, there were many situations that called for that playstyle.

As a jungler, you have to move accordingly when the toplaner is struggling. Going straight to top can really set you back.

You have so many nicknames... such as savior and even firefighter. Which is your favorite?

Out of my many nicknames, 'God-Gu-Knight' is my favorite. It sounds cool, doesn't it? (Laughs)

** "God-Gu-Knight" is a combination of the words God, Blank's name (Seon-Gu), and Knight.

You guys left 'Zac' open multiple times during the series.

Although Zac is still a great champion, our team was confident in playing against him.

Do you have any "greed" to see more play on stage?

Of course, I do. But if it's for the well-being of my team, I'm fine with anything. But do remember, I'm always on standby to play.

Final words?

Last year, around this time of the month, it was tough times for me, and this year, I feel like I'm being compensated for the pain I endured back then. But it's not the end... playoff finals and Worlds still remain. I'll continue to run forward.

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