[Editorial Cartoon] Longzhu Gaming's Dream to Make it into Worlds... and Their Tough Journey Ahead


Today's editorial cartoon features 'Longzhu Gaming', their strong showing of performance in the Summer Split of 2017, and their long and tough journey ahead.

Currently in the LCK, every game causes the fans to stand on their toes. 'Playoffs Round 1', a series that sparked excitement for all those watching, recently finished. Now, the fans wait in anticipation for Round 2 to take place. 

LZ finished their regular split as the no.1 team, so leaderboard-wise, LZ is in a good spot. And currently, the team sits on the top of the playoffs, observing from above and waiting for another team to climb up and challenge them. But deep inside, LZ is probably more nervous than ever. 

'SK Telecom T1' and 'kt Rolster' are nervously preparing for 'Playoffs Round 2'. But in truth, both teams can make it into Worlds as long as LZ loses in the finals. So in a way, the two sit in an awkward spot; a spot in which they are cheering for each other, despite being rivals. In comparison, LZ does not have such luxury. Due to their poor performance during the Spring Split, LZ's chances of making it into Worlds are slim, because unlike the "insured" telecom teams, LZ needs to win the entirety of the playoffs if they want to make it. 

If LZ is defeated in the finals, they will have to play through a series of games; there they will face Afreeca, MVP, and SSG, a team with individuals who all have built up rage ready to be unleashed. If they lose in the finals, the battle forward will not be a walk in the park for LZ.

The regular split of Summer 2017 had many unforgettable moments, and LZ made it out as the top team. They are so close (yet so far) in making their dreams come true. Will Summer 2017 prove different for LZ? Can they keep up the momentum that they had in the regular Split? Will LZ fans finally receive what they want and deserve? The answers will soon be provided.

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