SKT Bang: "All eight players held a discussion for six hours in preparation for picks and bans before today's series"

On the 15th of August(KST), the 2nd series of LCK Summer Playoffs took place between 'SK Telecom T1' and 'Samsung Galaxy'... and in the end, SKT came out on top with a score of 3:0. No one expected today's series to be such a one-sided game, but it ended up being exactly that. As if the team had forgotten about their past underperformance, SKT seemed to be back in their original form, if not stronger.

Throughout the series, every player on SKT showed the fans once again why they're known as the best team in the world; but Faker and Bang made the biggest impact in all three games and were titled MVPs of the series. In the 1st set, Crown's Taliyah was solo killed by Faker's Lucian despite having both 'Heal' and 'Flash' available. On the other hand, Bang completely outshined both Ruler and Stitch with the help of his support, Wolf. 

Hosted by SPOTV, the following is an interview done with SKT Faker, Bang, and the team's coach, kkOma.

(To Faker) How do you feel receiving the MVP title?

Faker: I had a good feeling that I'd receive it today, and I'm really happy that I actually did. I want to keep this momentum going for our match against KT.

(To Faker) You had 100% kill participation during the 1st set. Are you satisfied with your performance today?

Faker: I'm pretty satisfied with my performance in games 1 and 2. I think I could've done much better in game 3 though... but overall, I think I did well.

(To Faker) The fountain dive in set 3... were you trying to claim a pentakill?

Faker: I wasn't expecting a pentakill. As a matter of fact, I was surprised when I even got the quadrakill. I just dived in for a potential kill without really being aware of my killing streak. However, I'm kind of disappointed that I couldn't make it out alive after that dive.

(To Faker) What kind of feedback did you receive after the 1st set?

Faker: Everyone was surprised that I carried the game. They said things along the line of, "Oh wow, how did you carry that game?"

(To Faker) On the 2nd set, although your team won the game, it was rather hard fought. 

Faker: We played a comp that needed to take early advantages to be successful. After being set back by SSG, we played opposite to our initial plan and took the game slowly. It's because our comp was strong for late-game teamfights. 

(To Faker) Reasons for playing Fizz?

Faker: Fizz is a great champion for taking early lane advantages with the jungler. He also creates many opportunities for potential kills all throughout the game.

(To Bang) How do you feel after that victory?

Bang: We have about 4 days to prepare for our series against KT. And during that series, I want to show performance that's even greater than what I've shown today. 

(To Bang) You did a ton of damage during the 2nd set. Were you expecting the MVP title?

Bang: I made a couple of mistakes during that game, so I didn't think I'd receive it. As a matter of fact, I thought SSG was going to win that game because they played so well. The 2nd set was the hardest game by far [for me].

(To Faker) Well, how about you? Were you expecting Bang to receive the title?

Faker: I didn't deal too much damage on the 2nd set... but I landed a lot of Fizz ults, so deep inside, I honestly thought that I'd receive it.

(To Bang) What's your opinion on Faker's statement?

Bang: I don't think I can agree with him. (Laughs) But... to be honest, Fizz created many opportunities with his ultimate, and that's how I was able to deal damage. We only started winning later teamfights, despite being at a disadvantage, thanks to Faker and his Fizz.

(To Bang) On today's series, SSG chose to play on the 'red side' during the 1st set, and they also subbed out 3 members during the 3rd set. How did you react?

Bang: All eight players [of SKT] held a discussion that lasted for six hours in preparation for picks and bans before today's series. We were very well-prepared and we made sure we had no openings. We also correctly predicted most of everything that SSG pulled out today. We understand why SSG took red side first, and we also think SSG did a great job with their draft and overall tactics.

(To Faker) Bang mentioned that a 6-hour long discussion took place before your series today. Did it actually help the team?

Faker: We were never at a disadvantage during drafts, and all the games were relatively "comfortable" to play.

(To Bang) Any words regarding your next series against 'kt Rolster'?

Bang: We played two series so far and we now have two remaining. We will make sure to prepare well for them.

(To Faker) Any words for the fans?

Faker: I want to thank all the fans who cheer for us. Please cheer for us when we play against KT as well.


(To kkOma) How do you feel after that victory?

kkOma: I can't really say anything because we're only half way through. But I'm happy that we won against SSG with a score of 3:0 - everything went according to what we practiced.

(To kkOma) Were you caught by surprise when SSG took 'red side' first? How about when they subbed out more than half their players on the 3rd set?

kkOma: We heard about it ahead of time. So we prepared for it. 

(To kkOma) Your players said that the team "held a discussion for 6 hours" before their series. Did it all go according to plan? Was the discussion actually beneficial?

kkOma: The number of hours isn't what's important. How you spend those hours, is what's truly important.

(To kkOma) Faker played like he was out of his mind today. Do you have anything to say for him?

kkOma: Thank you so much for playing well today, Faker.

(To kkOma) The saying, "worrying about SKT is a big waste of time" is now relevant again. Any last words regarding it?

kkOma: To survive in this competitive world, you have to win. Instead of running my mouth here, I will show you what our team is capable of by keep winning. Please cheer for us.

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