Faker on SKT's Prominence in Bo5s: "Our experience of frequently playing on "big" stages plays an important part."


On August 15th, in the 'Gangnam Nexon Arena', LCK's 'Summer Playoffs Round 1' began. During the series, 'SK Telecom T1' dominated 'Samsung Galaxy' with a score of 3:0. Showing unbelievable performance on Lucian, Faker carried games 1 and 3 single-handedly. After the game, Faker and head coach cCarter was invited for an interview.

Q. How do you feel after that one-sided victory?

cCarter: Although we only had a short while to prepare for today's series[SKT played AFs 4 days ago], I think we were able to achieve such a result today thanks to the players. They kept their "game-senses" intact. Currently, I'm happy because it felt like the players deserved the victory as a reward for their hard work.

Faker: SSG was the most intimidating team for us... so our victory today was very valuable.

Q. Which SSG player did you keep your eyes on?

cCarter: I didn't pay attention to a specific player, but rather, every player. It's because we were defeated two times by SSG during the regular Split. But the games are now Bo5s, so we put our past aside and dove in with a brand new mindset.

Q. Faker, it seems like you're back to form. 

Faker: I felt like everything was going to go well today before the series... but it ended up being even better than I expected. Today, I was in a good playing condition, and I was more active in making plays.

Q. You guys picked Lucian during the 1st set despite having no knowledge of the opposing midlane pick.

Faker: If we take the midlane champion first, other lanes would have the draft advantage. Also, Lucian is very well-rounded.

Q. Your team turned the game around during the 2nd set.

Faker: The only way to win was to land the Fizz ultimate on the enemy carry. We avoided every fight when it was on cooldown. 

Q. Many fans are speculating on the idea that "SKT is conquering gyms" one by one. Kuro fell, Crown fell, and now, PawN is awaiting your challenge.

Faker: Kuro and Crown are both great players. I will prepare just as much for PawN. 

Q. Samsung chose the red side for set 1.

cCarter: Both red and blue side have their advantages and disadvantages. However, being on the blue side probably played in our favor for the 1st set.

Q. Lucian and Taric stood out during the series. Any insight regarding drafts?

cCarter: Historically, our team received a lot of criticism regarding picks and bans, saying how we lost many of our games because of it. But that's hypothetical. Today, our victory didn't come only because we did our draft "appropriately" but because everything, in general, was going in our favor.

Q. Your next game will be against 'kt Rolster'.

cCarter: Playing against KT will be just as difficult as SSG, so we'll need to prepare exactly the same way. 

Q. Any specific player on KT that you want to be cautious about?

cCarter: Every time we play against KT, 'Score' is particularly difficult to play against. He is very consistent.

Q. SKT is very well-known for showing strong performances in Bo5 series. Can you elaborate?

Faker: There are many reasons. It's a hard topic to really "analyze" on. In my opinion, our picks and bans have something to do with it. Also, our experience of playing on "big" stages plays an important part. 

Q. Any final words?

cCarter: I am grateful for the fact that both the players and the coaching staff are maintaining a positive team atmosphere... despite being exhausted.

Faker: We will prepare well for our next series against KT and win.

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