Interview with SKT T1 Faker: “I pay penalty charges for cursing and being late a lot”


Today we interviewed SKT T1’s Sanghyuk “Faker” Lee after he won the Wildcard match against Afreeca Freecs 2-0. Our special interviewer today, Joonkyu “Lasso” Seok, had a chance to talk to Faker about how he feels after winning the Wildcard match, and who pays for penalty charges the most.

Check out his interview below.

Q. How do you feel about winning the Wildcard match against Afreeca Freecs?

We have to move on to the next stage step by step starting from the Wildcard match and I’m glad we pulled off a clean sweep today. I think today’s victory will have positive effects on our remaining matches.

Q. The enemy Twitch purchased Relic Shield in Game 1 and that might have surprised you guys a bit.

We’ve never seen an item build like that so it did surprised us a little bit. But it didn’t affect our overall gameplay. We just had to know that enemy Janna will get Censer fast.

Q. It was unusual for you guys to pick Blitzcrank for Game 2, since SKT T1 prefers to play safe.

We play safe to win because our win rate is higher when we play safe. But this time we decided to add some changes to our picks because we belived the changes will work for us.

Q. In Game 2, you chose Abbysal Mask first for Cassiopeia. That’s not a common item build.

Afreeca Freecs had a lot of AP champions, so I decided to get Abyssal Mask to get Magic Resistance fast.

Q. In Game 2, did you know Peanut would steal Baron?

At first I thought he couldn’t steal Baron, but he did. That helped us a lot in team fights.

Q. SKT T1 makes you pay penalty charges for cursing. Have you ever paid any charges?

I paid penalty charges a lot. [Laughs] We also have to pay for being late, so I had to pay for that a lot too.

Q. Was the charges mostly for cursing?

Yes. For cursing too. [laughs]

Q. Who paid for the penalty charges the most?

That would be me. The rest will remain secret.

Q. Uijin “Untara” Park is ranked #1 in solo queue. Do you want to be a #1 in solo queue as well?

I want to rank up as well. I think it’s good to be #1 and have some confidence about it.

Q. Did you congratulate him a lot?

I didn’t congratulate him. No, I didn’t.

Q. Coach PoohManDu came to see your match today. Did he say anything to you before the match?

I didn’t know he was here today. But I think his existence worked as a buff today.

Q. You play Poly Bridge a lot in your personal stream and your fans call you the “Bridge Breaker.” Do you think you can beat all the levels in Poly Bridge?

Once I get used to it, there is no game I can’t beat. I think one day I will beat all the levels in Poly Bridge. I hope you guys can enjoy watching me play Poly Bridge.

Q. Would you like to add any comments to your next match against Samsung Galaxy in the Playoffs?

We pulled off a clean sweep today so my team will take another victory with confidence. I feel confident as well.

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