Kaplan on Deathmatch coming to Overwatch: "It's completely different" than any other game mode.



Jeff Kaplan took to YouTube today to announce the inclusion of Deathmatch in the Overwatch Arcade. While Kaplan has previously said Deathmatch would never come to Overwatch due to the games focus on team play and objectives, he enthusiastically describes the two new modes in the above developer update.


- 8 players. The top four get the arcade win credit.

- Pick any hero you want

- New map available: Chateau Guillard, the family estate of Widowmaker.

- First to 20 kills.

Kaplan's take away:
"You can pick whatever hero you want and I guarantee nobody on your team is going to complain about it."

Team Deathmatch

- 4 vs. 4 played on Arena maps and modified CTF maps.

- First team to 30 kills

- Mercy resurrect subtracts kills from the enemy score.

- Chateau Guillard not playable in this mode.

Kaplan's take away: "A great area to go and blow off steam after a tough night of competitive matches. Or perhaps you are just starting the night and want to get warmed up."

▲ A year ago, the Overwatch team had no plans to add Team Deathmatch. Guess they've learned to never-say-never!

There are two different ways to play Deathmatch in Overwatch, an 8-player FFA and a 6 vs. 6 Team Deathmatch. If you can't wait for the live version, both modes are available currently on the PTR.


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