Team LW's head coach explains the reason behind Luna and Who's release - citing poor scrim results

▲ Kyungho "Luna" Jang, a former member of Team LW

On August 10th (KST), Team LW's head coach released a statement regarding the team's recent release of Kyungho "Luna" Jang and Jaehyung "Who" Park through the team's official Facebook account.

The statement from Head Coach Younghoon Ji, which began with "I write with a heavy heart," argued that Luna's release was not done out of spite, and how Who was released with mutual agreement.

As for Luna, he explained that the reason why the team decided to release him was because there was a problem with feedback process and how he lost scrims for 14 [rounds] in a row.

He also explained that they couldn't notify Luna sooner because they had to prepare for Overwatch World Cup, APEX and the new team house. Although "the players and the team itself knew that the roster need a change", he wanted to let go of Luna with a severance pay, but couldn't do so because they were financially strained, which lead the notification to be delayed.

The statement ended with how he feels responsible for the issues and will step down from the role of head coach for the time being.

Korean fans were baffled by the explanation. The general sentiment was how a losing streak in scrims did not justify releasing Luna on the last day of roster registration, and the explanation citing 'severance pay' did not make sense.

Jinwoo "Gambler" Heo, an ex-LW player, shared his impression of the statement on his personal stream. "While the statement explains a lot of things, it misses the most important. Even the losing streak was calculated in rounds, not matches, so it actually isn't as bad as it sounds. Also, when Pine and Fl0weR were fined due to their past misconducts, nobody knew where that money went; that's how much players were left in the dark when it comes to sponsors and team management."

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