TSM Biofrost on improvement: "It's the hours that you put in at home...because every hour counts."

Biofrost is one of the best players that NA LCS can offer. Even while he was in Challenger Series with Dream Team, he let everyone know how he was a Championship material through his impressive performance against Apex Gaming, and he proved it by how he adjusted well to the NA LCS after he signed with Team SoloMid.

In fact, well-adjusted would be an understatement for Biofrost when he proved how he could carry the team all by himself. He is well known for his Thresh, but that's only the half of it. His Braum was definitely impressive with 8 wins and just a single loss with KDA of 6.3 in this split, and his Tahm Kench never suffered a loss even after 6 games. By playing with 9 champions in total, he proved how he was capable of playing with a variety of champions and capable of playing them well.

Once again, we find Biofrost at the Playoffs with TSM, and the fans are expecting the team to emerge victorious in NA LCS Playoffs. Will Biofrost be able to live up to the expectations? We caught up with him to ask how he feels.

Recorded and edited by Jerry Coria

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    level 1 Daisy_Roberts

    Nextseason everything will be a franchise...It's going to make things interesting, that's for sure. But now teams aren't really in danger of dropping out of the LCS so many more investors are coming through. Good job on all the videos you have you saved as bookmark i love all your videos!!! I am a fan

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