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BDO KR’s GM Notes reveal future plans for the game - Skill Enhancement, Ocean Raid, and more



▲New trailer for Vell the Heart of the Ocean


On August 9th, Black Desert Online’s future updates have been revealed via GM Notes. The updates include Rabam’s Enlightenment, aka Skill Enhancement, and a new ocean raid.

Other updates mentioned in the notes are Black Spirit’s Training, an akf exp farming system, new siege weapons, the Mystic’s Awakening, a new tutorial system, and new gears that have high base damage but cannot be enhanced.

Rabam’s Enlightenment was first revealed a few weeks ago and will be added to BDO soon. It is a system where you can combine two different pre-awakening skills to create a more powerful skill. Rabam’s Enlightenment is a system that will make pre-awakening skills more effective, and more skill combinations will be added later.

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The class balance is another issue that the notes mentioned. The notes compared the K/D ratio revealed at the Fan Festival (held in April) and the current K/D ratio of each class. The revealed information showed that the difference in the K/D of each class was reduced by 0.23. The notes ensured that the devs will work towards the class balance with more balance patches.


▲ The K/D ratio revealed in the Oasis Festival (held in April) showed that certain classes are way more powerful than other classes.
▲ But the gap is getting smaller.


Training Manual (Black Spirit’s Training) was an event-exclusive item that allowed afk exp farming. The GM notes said that this will be a regular in-game content. You will be able to purchase the Manual from Skill Instructors, and will gain exp by interacting with Training Dummies. It will give you less exp than grinding does, but will definitely help you level up more faster.

A new siege weapon will be the Siege Axe. The Siege Axe can damage Wooden Fences that are surrounding a Castle or Command Post. The damage that the Siege Axe deals is irrelevant to the character’s level or AP, so anyone can participate in the Siege War. Pearl Abyss is also planning to add Conquest War Shields for Conquest Wars. However, the development has not started yet and the developers are still debating on the mechanics.

The Mystic has been added to BDO KR a few weeks ago and her Awakening is coming soon. The notes said that her Awakening will not involve the Echo Spirit and will be different from the Striker’s Awakening.


▲ Black Spirit’s Training will allow you to get some afk exp.
▲ The Mystic will not have the Echo Spirit fighting by her side. 


The tutorial system will be reworked. Black Spirit will help the new players throughout early game and they will be albe to learn about the game step by step. New tutorial quests about life skills will also be added, so new players can learn about every fun that the game provides.

There will be more gears like the Asula’s Red Eyes Accessory Set, which were added last week. Asula’s Red Eyes Accessories have high base AP/DP and powerful set bonuses, but cannot be enhanced. More gears like them will be added in the future. They will have high base AP/DP, and will be obtainable in Mediah region.

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▲ More gears with high base AP/DP will be added.


New exciting content will also be added. Vell the Heart of the Ocean, which was first revealed in April at the Fan Festival, is a gigantic ocean raid boss that looks like a combination of different marine animals. As shown in the trailer, Vell will be at least ten times bigger than a sailboat and rise from the deep sea with some submerged rocks.

The raid will fail unless the players work together. There must be multiple Epheria Sailboats and Epheria Convoys attacking Vell, and enough snipers to constantly shoot at Vell. Sailing is also important in the raid, and most importantly, everyone must cooperate.

Big rewards will be waiting for the players. The developers said that “the reward will be as huge as Vell itself.” One of the rewards include Heart of Vell, the best Alchemy Stone in BDO. Heart of Vell will be the first “orange rarity” Alchemy Stone. Heart of Vell will give all the buffs that yellow Sharp Alchemy Stone of Destruction gives and 3 AP. Further information on how to polish the Stone has not been revealed yet, but it has been confirmed that you will need some new items (“Vell’s Crystal Powder” and “Mysterious Spirit’s Powder”) to charge the Stone.


▲ Vell’s concept art shows how big Vell is.


A new form of Marketplace, the Luxury Auction House, will be added also. Items that are not obtainable in the game or are extremely rare will be put up at the Auction House. The players can bid against each other and the player who bid the highest price will have the item.

The items that will appear on the Auction House include Exp Transfer Ticket, Arsha Weapons, Life Skill Exp Transfer Ticket, and other rare items. Exp Transfer Ticket will allow you to transfer one character’s exp to another character, which will be especially useful when you decide to reroll.


▲ What other rare items will be on the Auction House?


The Camping system will help your griding experience eve more exciting. There are times when you have no choice but to leave your spot because your iventory/weight is full or your gears are low on durability. The Campig system will allow you to set up a camp, and you will be able to repair your gears and buy potions at the camp.

The notes do not mention anything about weight capacity, but the developers mentioned that they will be adding more functions to the Camping system.


▲ The Camping system will make your grinding experience even more exciting.


Other updates that are still in the pipeline include Airships and climbing. The notes said that Airships and climbing are absolutely new to BDO and there must be enough trials and experiments before they get released. The notes also mention that the devs are considering to add new classes with upper-level life skills, sound and graphics remastering, and donkey upgrades.

Lastly, the notes mentioned the issues regarding costumes. The devs were amazed by the quality of the costumes in the costume contest, and tried to add as many costumes as possible to the game. “Please understand that not all costumes in the costume contest can be added to the game,” they added, “We are aware of the fact that the costumes are being added very slowly. We will be recruiting more people to bring more costumes to the game.”

The devs assured the players that they are always welcome to feedbacks and suggestions, and ended the notes with a big thanks to everyone who enjoy Black Desert Online.


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    TLDR: we have no plans to develop game further. Just more and more money sink. New costumes? gear for new players rly? What about veteran players. All i do is chop and melt resources 24/7 to sell them later to a npc. 0 content. sieges dead. pvp dead. This is most useless developers evah.

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    TLDR: we have no plans to develop game further. Just more and more money sink. New costumes? gear for new players rly? What about veteran players. All i do is chop and melt resources 24/7 to sell them later to a npc. 0 content. sieges dead. pvp dead. This is most useless developers evah.
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      New boss, new kamasilve zones, new arena, new game mode (Rift of the Barbarian), a lot of new features... PA devs are putting a great effort to bring new content for veteran players, it's awesome

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      New boss: not a single hardcore guild care about water lagging content. Kamasilvia: useless piece of land with few spots, thats as always are worse than pirates or anything else in term of exp and silver/hour. Arshe arena? arena that ppl care about only when tournament is up which happen once in few month. Rift of the barbarian... place where gear doesnt matter and ppl farm 20kk in half an hour. Why the hell i need to farm and enchant 19+4? for a siege once a week that last for 10 minutes? because low life cant compete and there so many territories to dodge you and so little profit from owning a castle or for kamaslyvian spots that are useless in all terms?

      They should focus on fixing valencia spots making them profitable, add party drop mechaninc to a valencian dungeouns that were added in Kama1 and 2, make kama spots usefull, remove drastic PK penaltys and make overall pvp changes because this game WAS advertised as a PVP game not a "hello kitty adventure", add karma free channel, buff profit from castles, remove stupid balenos and serendia territories etc etc

      But all i see is: “We are aware of the fact that the costumes are being added very slowly. We will be recruiting more people to bring more costumes to the game.” more people to draw money sink. The only reason bdo is popular is because it it had great potential at start and there isnt any othe title announced yet.

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      I agree with you 100%. Kama part one is dead content, not a single mob is useful they all are bad in terms of XP and money. Kama part 2 has one maybe two good spots that I 've seen with the loot party system. If they would just take that same system party loot system in Kama and put it towards Hystria and Akman those places would go from being bad to really good.

      Arena without a ladder or some type of queue system really sucks and like you said only is used when someone does their own tournament.

      The rift of the barbarian is made for noobs and will drop off REALLY fast. After a week or so no one will be using anymore.

      They made siege bad by trying to fix alliances. Not allowing a castle to drop on another castle made it so alliances are even bigger now so in return siege is stale.

      Ocean content is a joke. I'm not sure how it is in KR but here in NA monsters lag around and look like they have 1 FPS because of Bad programming or servers not up to par not sure which.

      There is a MAJOR lack of communications between other regions and KR it's very clear. We have bugs that last for MONTHS here in NA because our publisher is garbage. You have to post the bug publicly and get it really high ranked on Reddit for them to even acknowledge the bug. If you post said bug on official forums they will just delete your post. If you submit it in a ticket they will give you a generic copy and paste response and NEVER EVER look into it. An example would be the marketplace bug where you use the search function and it drops your FPS to 5. This bug has been in the game for at least months now. It took them MONTHS to only acknowledge the bug not even fix it. They also only stated they were working on a fix because they were called out in an interview.

      No other region has marketplace drop to 5 FPS when using the search button so why does ours?
      Answer: They don't play their own game.

      It's very clear that they don't play their own game. They never put out statements anymore about the state of their game like they did when it first launched. The "influence manager" here in NA says recently in an interview on Twitch that he "plays" the game but is only a level 50 something wizard that doesn't even have his awakening. He was asked about workers and said he has never hired one. Just an absolute joke. I think the real problem is that KR devs don't know what WE as in foreign plays want because it's never relayed to them.

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      I've never had my fps drop on the marketplace, and I play on a laptop.

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      You do if you use the "search" feature

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      Cry some more lol

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    100% Agreed with @Konoka, fix your shit PA & Kakao.

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    Keep up the good work, any updates are welcome and we encourage you team to deliver more content. Let the haters hate, they always move over to another game only to start hating again.

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