SKT Blank: "Every LCK team has gotten stronger... a single mistake can cost us a game now"

On the 6th of August, in the 'Gangnam Nexon Arena', 'SKT T1' defeated 'bbq Olivers' with a score of 2:1. On the first game of the series, BBQ snowballed an early advantage to take the game, but SKT remained calm and took the series with a reverse sweep. After being subbed in for game 3, Blank utilized Sejuani in the jungle to rain down CC after CC with Huni's Maokai. 

The following is an interview with SKT's jungler, Blank.

Congratulations on your victory for the last series of the regular Summer Split. How do you feel?

We turned around situations where we stood at a disadvantage. I made mistakes today... but it will be refined for the wild card games.

How do you rate your team's performance today? Especially if you compare it to SKT's last series against KT?

Every [LCK] team has gotten stronger. A single mistake can cost us a game now, and our team is constantly making them. Regarding our series against KT, we made little mistakes during it; so we were able to win.

It has been a while since you were granted an opportunity to play. How do you feel?

I finally got the opportunity, so I wanted to perform well. I've been practicing quite a lot; so I had many things to show on stage.

You picked Sejuani today. Do you think she fits well into your playstyle?

She is a great meta-pick nowadays. The reason I picked her is that the 'tank meta' is very safe and reliable. Even considering the team's overall composition, she was the best pick at the time.

You are now facing your wild card games. How is the team's atmosphere?

The previous four loss streak really hurt us, but it's in the past. We are trying our best to forget about it. The wild card games will definitely be a challenge, but if we play cautiously and overcome our hardships, I think we will be able to climb back up again. 

Recently, for a while now, SKT struggled in the early-game. Why is this happening? The old SKT more often than not overwhelmed their foes in the early-game.

Most of the "bottom" LCK teams became really strong during the laning phase.

How do you predict your wild card game against 'Afreeca Freecs'?

Including Afreeca, all the LCK teams' performances went up significantly. So we started playing our games with the mindset of "decreasing" the number of mistakes we make during games. If we are able to do that, I think we will get back on track.

How do you predict the next series[LZ vs SSG]?

It's really hard to predict that match up as both teams are very strong.

Any last words?

I want to thank all of our fans. We will prepare well, get through with our wild card games, and most certainly make it to Worlds.

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