Yuri, the Skirmisher capable of initiation and burst damage, goes live on the server


On August 3 (PDT), the new Master named Yuri was added to the server of MXM. Yuri is an Ardent-attuned Skirmisher capable of devastating combos with charge skills and melee attack skills.

She uses a weapon called Cosmic Aegis, and performs melee attacks, throwing powerful short-ranged punches. Though her range is quite short and her attack speed is slow, each blow deals heavy damage, and she is not affected by the overheat gauge and nullifies her opponent’s projectiles.

▲ Yuri, the new Skirmisher, was added to MXM on August 3 (PDT)


Instead of consuming MP to use skills, she possesses an exclusive resource called Sol Power. When it’s full, the passive called Catalyst of Sol is activated and all of her skills perform additional effects such as stunning or launching enemies into the air.

The gauge is charged when she hits targets with skills, or when she uses her survival skill called Sol Infusion. Her survival skill is a toggled skill, and when on it increases her defense, reduces cooldowns dramatically, and gives her 12 Sol Power every second while draining her stamina. Thus, it is important that you activate the survival skill as often as possible and with the right timing in order to use the passive more frequently.

▲ Use the survival skill and receive the defense increase and gain Sol Power whenever possible


Her first skill is called Sol Fist. Upon use, she charges forward a short distance and throws a heavy strike. The cooldown is relatively long at 12 seconds, but it deals phenomenal damage (695), and the cooldown decreases to 5 seconds when maxed out. It inflicts a 50% slow debuff for 1.5 seconds on the target with Catalyst of Sol.

Her second skill is Flanking Strike. She literally flanks to the back of the target and deals damage. The range is 8 meters, and it can even stun the target for 1.2 seconds with the passive. The skill is therefore suitable for initiating fights.

Yuri’s third skill, Sol Kick, allows her to leap upon the target and deliver a powerful kick. All enemies in the range receive damage, and targets that are in the air take 25% additional damage. With Catalyst of Sol, she inflicts a debuff that decreases the target’s defense by 30% for 5 seconds.

The fourth skill is called Cosmic Flurry. It empowers Yuri’s next weapon attack, making it deal three consecutive hits. The passive enhances the skill to reflect enemy projectiles.

▲ Cosmic Flurry with Catalyst of Sol allows her to reflect projectiles


Her ultimate is called Sol Crush. Upon using it, Yuri charges towards the target and perform multiple hits; when empowered by Catalyst of Sol, the final hit launches to target into the air. Following an empowered ult with Sol Kick is a good combo, as enemies in the air take 25% additional damage from Sol Kick.

In general, she seems more like a melee Nuker with her tremendous damage and charge skills, even though her cooldowns are relatively long. Because of that, her skills need to be used with good timing, and you also need to consider the recharge and use of Yuri’s Sol Power gauge.

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