SSG CoreJJ-CuVee: "I'm proud of how my Zyra was enough threat for the opponent to ban her."

On August 1st (KST), Samsung Galaxy defeated ROX Tigers 2-1 in Day 41 of LCK Summer Split 2017. Yongin "CoreJJ" Jo and Seongjin "CuVee" Lee were interviewed on air by SpoTV after the match as they were chosen to be the MVPs of Game 1 and 3 respectively.

Here is the interview with the players.


Part 1: With CoreJJ

How do you feel about winning today's match?

Today's match was important for our race for the top. It wasn't easy, but I'm glad that we won today's match and we'll make sure to head towards right direction.

Why did you decide to change your hairstyle?

After our losing streak, I decided to do some makeover of myself - so I decided to cut my hair short.

Why do you think you've won today's match?

I somehow knew we'd win whenever we do a teamfight, so I just went out looking for a fight.

How did you feel about Zyra being banned all the time?

I wanted to play Zyra, but I'm proud of how my Zyra was enough threat for the opponent to ban her.

What was your feedback process after Game 2?

It feels like we made too many mistakes that cost us a game that we should've won. However, since winning a match in the end was what mattered, we just focused on Game 3.


Part 2: With CoreJJ and CuVee

CuVee, How do you feel about winning today's match?

CuVee: I'm glad that I got to show how well I could do, thanks to my teammates' care.

What do you think about Camille's matchup against Jax?

CuVee: Jax might be slightly ahead in 1-on-1, but toplane matchup between bruisers often comes down to jungler's backup, and our jungler played better.

CoreJJ, do you think CuVee's Camille is very reliable?

CoreJJ: It's when he gets a kill that he starts to become reliable. That's when he really starts to carry the game.

CuVee, why do you think your Camille works so well?

CuVee: I think my teammates understand Camille really well, so we have good synergy.

Why did you pick Orianna when Caitlyn was available in Game 3?

CoreJJ: Ruler was confident that he'd win with Kalista, so we were free to give them Caitlyn. Although I was worried as support, I guess it turned out for the best in the end.

CuVee: I wasn't worried because I farmed well and was able to burst her down.

How will you prepare for the match against Longzhu Gaming?

CoreJJ: Since we won our previous match against them, I think we might be able to win this one too.

CuVee: Since Longzhu has been play very well and we've been making too many mistakes, I think we need to make less mistakes for us to win.

Do you have any other comments?

CoreJJ: We have one regular season match left and will soon be in playoffs, so we'll do our best to have good results. Thank you for cheering for us always.

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