DIG Ssumday's Very First English Interview: "I want to avoid TSM in the playoffs"

Starting his career at the age of 16(Korean age), Ssumday went toe-to-toe against some of the "biggest" toplaners at the time including Flame, Maknoon, Voyboy, and Darien within his first month of playing on stage. Kim "Ssumday" Chan-ho, became widely known as the "insane high school kid" in Korea. 

Six years after his debut, Ssumday is now playing for Team Dignitas as one of the "cutest" players in NA. Throughout his newly found career, Ssumday has maintained a very high amount of self-confidence and vigor - and this is the reason why he is never truly pushed back by other toplaners.

If we were to choose a weakness that Ssumday may have, most would likely point to the inconsistent performance he displayed in the past. However, as he continued to play on stage, that weakness began to dwindle. Today, Ssumday has become a skilled "technician" for his lane; no longer is he a young player that only relies on passion and vigor for success. And although Ssumday's weakness resurfaced in the middle of the current split, he quickly got back to form and qualified himself and his team for the playoffs.

The following is an interview with DIG's toplaner, Ssumday.

Recorded and edited by Jerry Coria

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    level 1 Steve_Legends

    Ssumday going off in the last game. there going strong!! but I hope they don't get too confident there still much to be done we have this weekend coming up! also on the video, he did great by talking a little Englishwhich is always cool to see. I must see this weekend I will not do anything other sit on my computer and watch watch and more watch.

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