C9 Impact on Pocket Picks: "I want to play Kayne on stage... if my coach allows me"

Many different players have joined and left the competitive scene throughout the history of League of Legends. And if we are to pick out some of the best players for the toplane, we can't possibly leave out Jung "Impact" Eon-Yeong; and it's not simply because he used to play for the world's best team, SKT T1. 

Impact started his career as a support player in Korea. After his transition into the toplane, Impact made a name for himself by being both a solid and a reliable player. Despite having been a support player, he had all the fundamentals necessary to play his new role accordingly. Currently, Impact is playing for 'C9' in the NA LCS. And although he fell into a slump during the early parts of the Summer Split, he started getting back to form as we near playoffs.

On July 29th, our team ran into an opportunity to speak with Impact, the player who acts as a reliable shield for C9. 

Recorded and edited by Jerry Coria

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    level 1 Steve_Legends

    Impact was playing at his best at the end of the game. However, he did not play so well in the second game I think? Great video please keep it up! I 'm excited for the end of this season.

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    level 1 Daisy_Roberts

    When it comes down to it, they played three games on Saturday which was way too close. I am way surprised that they beat the best team ever LOL !!! @invenglobal Thank you for listing to the fans we love the videos keep doing more! It makes it better for me to see and hear it instead of reading. I like reading but not all the time YAY!

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    level 1 Gamer_onfire

    The fact that they had to even go on for three rounds is a bit of a worry.... we will see what will happen this week right now things are still in limbo ( fingers crossed )

    Cool video I like it!

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