Heroes of the Storm

Garrosh on the PTR: powerful and surprisingly lethal



The Heroes of the Storm PTR was updated today, including Garrosh and a host of other changes. While Ragnaros got some talent changes and The Butcher buffed significantly, the real star of the PTR has been Garrosh. The Diablo / Kerrigan-esque combo of Groundbreaker into Wrecking Ball is surprisingly fast and creates tons of kill potential whenever Garrosh engages an enemy. 

In a solo-lane, Garrosh is deadly near friendly towers. Unlike Diablo (who is rather predictable in his attempts to displace enemies) Garrosh threatens enemy heroes from afar without making himself vulnerable. Although players will become more familiar with his kill potential over time, it's hard to deny how powerful Garrosh will be in the early game.

Things get even nuttier when Garrosh combo's the "Into the Fray" talent with another willing and ready ally. The combo possibilities are vast, especially because Into the Fray grants the thrown ally additional armor. Expect flying Uthers, Malthaels, D.Va mechs in the near future, all ready to use their AoE ultimates with increased effectiveness.

Or perhaps, as McIntyre showed on a stream, Muradin with the Haymaker combo!

Equipped with these tools, an AoE taunt, and free passive damage mitigation that is always on, it looks like Garrosh will easily find a place in, competitive heroes. Additionally, tanky warriors that initiate kills all on their own have always been valuable in tournament play, so the future looks bright for Garrosh!

Thanks to McIntyre for the Garrosh clips! Check out his stream for more PTR footage.


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