Korean Black Desert Online Players Comment on the Mystic

The Mystic was officially added to Black Desert Online KR on last Thursday (July 27th). The Mystic is very similar to her male counterpart, the Striker, and is especially efficient in grinding, just like pre-awakening Striker.

Aside from gender, one significant difference between the Mystic and the Striker is their primary DPS skill. The Striker uses Crimson Fang as his primary DPS skill, whereas the Mystic uses a new skill, which is exclusive to her, as her primary DPS skill. Her [Shift+RMB] skill also has three chain skills that follow the skill, and the key commands for the combo are simpler than those of the Striker. The Mystic and the Striker share the same mainhand and offhand weapons, making it easier for Striker players to play the Mystic.

The players are also coming up with many different looks for the Mystic through a wide variety of Customization. Androgynous looks are especially popular among the players since it best suits the class’s characteristic.

Below are Korean players’ comments on the Mystic regarding her skills, combos, grinding speed, gear, and looks.



◇ About Skills and Combos

 - The key commands are much easier to use, compared to the Striker.

 - Her [Shift + RMB] skill is like a gatling gun. It has a wide area of effect and can deal huge damage. It also sounds like a gatling gun shooting. She rapidly punches multiple times.

 - It is recommended to start the combo with the [Shift + LMB] skill which replaces Knee Hammer. It will decrease the targets’ DP.

 - Her [Shift + RMB] skill is her core skill. The skill itself is very powerful, and the three combo skills that follow the skill are also really good.

▲ Her [Shift + RMB] skill has a wide area of effect and can deal massive damage, making it her primary DPS skill.

 - You can also use the skills that follow [Shift + RMB] after Adamantine. WP management is pretty easy with those skills.

 - However, the combo with Adamantine is not the most effective one. The animation is too long.

 - It really depends on what kind of gameplay style you prefer. The Mystic is an easy-to-play character.

 - Hidden Claw is not a very good skill for the Mystic, unlike for the Striker. The Striker can cancel the “back step” animation when he uses Hidden Claw after Knee Hammer as a combo, but the Mystic cannot do that.

▲ The Mystic cannot cancel the “back step” animation, unlike the Striker.

- Flow: Tornado Kick is totally unnecessary.

 - You need Triple Flying Kick V to get the 9% evasion buff. The Striker did not need skill level V to get the buff.

 - Like the Striker, the combos are easy to use. It’s similar to pre-awakening Striker, or might be better.

 - She has a lot of fast attacks with short animations. Most of her skills don’t have any motion delay before or after the skill, which adds to her fast grinding speed.

 - She consumes more WP than the Striker does. Sometimes I cannot maintain the combo due to WP shortage.

 - Her F skill especially consumes a lot of WP. You need to use Adamantine or Somersault in between the combos to recover WP.

▲ Use Adamantine and Somersault in between other skills to recover WP.

 - Roaring Tiger with 100% Black Spirit Rage is not effective at all. Roaring Tiger is not her main skill.

 - It’s good that all the bugs that the Striker had have been fixed for the Mystic.

 - If you like heavy attacks, choose the Striker. If you like faster attacks, choose the Mystic.

 - Her [Shift + LMB] skill does not have super armor.

 - She also has a 10% Evasion passive skill like the Striker does, which is very good.

▲ Like the Striker does, the Mystic also has Wolf’s Cry.


◇ About Grinding Speed

 - Her pre-Awakening skills make her a top-tier PvE character. It’s easy to reach level 56 with her pre-Awakening skills and combos.

 - You don’t really need to use a combo. Just hit any buttons and you will kill all the monsters around you.

 - The Mystic is a fun class to play. I especially like the graphics and sound effects which add to the character’s fun. Grinding is not so boring when you play the Mystic.

 - It is important to maintain the Flow: Prey Hunt buff with 30 shards, since it increases the area of effect of the [Shift + RMB] skill. Use different skills and combos to get the shards.

 - In pre-Awakening, definitely a top-tier character.

▲ Maintain the Flow: Prey Hunt buff to bring grinding to a whole new level.


◇ About the Videos (Level 50 Mystic at Bashim/Level 56 Mystic at Crescent)


 - 229 AP and 275 DP

 - We don’t know anything about her Awakening, but she is definitely the top tier class in PvE.

 - She has no problem killing the monsters that appear purple.

 - She must be hiding a machine gun and a bomb in her hands.

 - She looks stronger than my Awakened character, even after considering the fact that her AP and DP are high.

 - It looks like the Accuracy in the Kutum weapon works really well for the Mystic.

 - A few clicks and all the monsters are dead.

 - Considering it’s only pre-Awakening, the grinding speed is amazing.

 - Her damage dealing ability is amazing.

 - Isn’t she kind of OP, especially compared to the Striker? The Striker was never that powerful when he came out.

 - The Striker has undergone a lot of buffs for the past few month, and Mystic came with all the buffs. She has to be better than pre-Awakening Striker.

 - It seems like it has become a pattern that the latest character is the strongest. I think other characters’ pre-Awakening skills need some buffs.


◇ About Gears

 - Kzarka will be the best mainhand. For offhand, we still have to choose between Nouver and Kutum and see which one is better.

 - Rosar Gauntlet is the best one for the Mystic, if you’re not using boss gear.

 - For offhand, Scale Vambrace will be the most optimal choice.

▲ Rosar Gauntlet and Scale Vambrace will be enough.


◇ About Looks/Customization

 - She can have so many different looks depending on how you customize her.

 - She has beautiful hair types that I wish other classes had too.

 - The textures and physics are amazing. You can see the quality when you customize the Mystic.

 - Her androgynous looks are so handsome. I would definitely make a male character with this look, if there is one.

 - I see a lot of Mystics with short hair, which goes with her gameplay.

▲ She can have so many different looks depending on how you customize her.

 - The armor looks really good. She doesn’t really need any Pearl Costumes.

 - Reblath Armor and Brior Armor look nice, but Grunil Armor and Rocaba Armor don’t.

 - Taritas Armor and Roaring Magical Armor also look great on her. Actually, all armor looks nice.

 - It’s the Pearl Costume that doesn’t look very nice.

 - The armor looks great. She doesn’t need a Pearl Costume.

▲ Reblath and Brior Armor
▲ Grunil and Rocaba Armor
▲ Taritas Armor and Roaring Magical Armor
▲ Zereth/Talis/Hercules/Heve/Fortuna Armor
▲ Agerian Armor
▲ Pearl Costume
▲ Pearl Costume


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