LZ Pray: "We always dreamed of becoming the no.1 team... but it's no longer a dream"

On the 27th of July, 'Longzhu Gaming' defeated 'Jin Air Green Wings' with a score of 2:1, and successfully defended their #1 spot in the LCK standings. During most of the series, PraY performed extraordinarily like he always has. However, on the 2nd set, PraY made a critical mistake which cost the team the game. 

The following is an interview done with the ADC of LZ, PraY.

You guys won today, which means LZ has successfully maintained the #1 spot in the LCK standings. How do you feel?

We were actually quite nervous before the series... it's because Jin Air has been performing really well against top teams. When we took game 1, we expected to win the next one as well. But I got caught out in game 2, and it jeopardized our chances of winning the game. My "greed" to land one more auto attack with 'Rapid Firecannon' really messed us up.

So things could've gone a lot better in the 2nd set?

During the 2nd set, our toplaner was struggling. He had no choice in the matter as he was already at a disadvantage starting from the drafting phase. So our botlane had to carry the game, a matter of fact, that was our whole plan before the game started. I am actually really sad that we lost the 2nd game due to my mistakes.

LZ just might end the regular summer split as the 1st place team. How does that feel?

Everyone in the team is noticing how they are improving in performance. Due to that, their confidence is also increasing. I honestly believe that the confidence is helping us play well on stage. We always dreamed of becoming the #1 team... but it's no longer a dream.

When did you become "certain" that you were going to win the 3rd set?

I played that game like everything depended on it. We had the upper hand in every category over the enemy on that set. Even getting the Baron stolen added no complications to our chances of winning that game.

Your two remaining series are against 'kt Rolster' and 'Samsung Galaxy'.

From what I've heard, we just have to win 1 of those 2 to qualify for playoffs. But I want to win both.

Any last words?

I want to thank all our fans who are cheering for us. Our chances of making it into the playoffs are very bright. We will continue to do our absolute best to qualify in.

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