SSG Ruler: "Caitlyn is the most broken champion in all of League"

On the 27th of July, 'Samsung Galaxy' dominated 'Afreeca Freecs' with a score of 2:0. During the series, SSG's ADC, Ruler, played a champion that has been falling in popularity, Varus. His overall performance on the champion was nothing less than stellar, but his consistency in landing crucial ultimates was especially eye-catching. 

The following is an interview done with SSG Ruler.

You guys have successfully stopped the losing streak. How does it feel?

Our results were poor for a while. Even during practice, we were doing bad. So it feels really good winning today's series.

You guys were struggling during practice?

That's what I think. I was starting to lose confidence. At one point, I even thought, "Can we really beat the other top teams like this?" But I regained some confidence from today's series.

So you were losing confidence from the previous losing streak?

Rather than from just losing, I was losing confidence because my team and I made constant mistakes. 

Your Varus is really something else. Are you confident on that champion?

When lethality was introduced to the game a while back, I was terrible on Varus, so I avoided playing him. The coaches, of course, made me practice him as he was the meta-pick at the time. I think I am fluent on the champion because of that.

You also played Ashe, another champion that started to drop in popularity.

Ashe is a champion that I'm most confident on playing. Although she started falling off from the current meta, her kit is still great for playing against certain champions. In my opinion, Ashe is strong against Zyra, but weak to Rakan.

Today, during the series, Jarvan was utilized in the jungle. How is the meta shifting?

The change to 'Thornmail' really affected the meta. The item itself puts immense pressure on ADCs, as well as toplaners. The meta in the toplane was affected the most.

Caitlyn is almost always banned. Is she still considered OP?

Caitlyn is the most broken champion in all of League. It's hard to lose when playing as her.

The tank meta is back. Will Vayne see future play in the competitive scene?

I really enjoy playing Vayne, but as much as I'd love to play her, it's impossible to stay alive when I do. She is a terrible champion.

Tristana is being played quite often now.

Her laning phase is actually stronger than you would expect. Her range increases per level, and her survivability is also great. She is a good pick.

SSG is currently competing with LZ for the 1st place in the LCK. Are you confident in beating them?

LZ is a very strong team. But I believe if we keep up with the practice, we could beat them. We will need to focus more on the laning phase, and care for 'Cuzz' in the mid to late-game. That's because he is very good at utilizing ultimates on whichever champion he plays.

Any final words?

Recently, our practice has been going really badly... and it definitely showed on stage. Using today's win as a boost, we'll do our best to show much better performance on our future games. 

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