CLG Darshan: "I have lots of pocket picks to pull out. I am looking forward to playing Cho'Gath"


Almost everyone that follows the competitive scene has most likely heard of the name, 'Zionspartan'. 

'Darshan Upadhyaya' is a League of Legends professional player from Canada. There were times when Darshan slumped, but at other times, he proved himself to be a player capable of carrying his entire team. He has been a part of CLG since 2014, and he has been acting as a solid roof over the team ever since. 

On the Summer Split of 2017, CLG had put out impressive results. As the team is almost guaranteed to qualify for playoffs, Inven grew curious on how CLG is approaching the current state of the competitive scene. 

The following video is an interview done with CLG's toplaner, Darshan.

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    level 1 Daisy_Roberts


    Great video piece will you start having more video on your site?

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      level 1 Vito


      Thanks. Yes, we will.

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    level 1 Steve_Legends


    WOW, I like the video btw Darshan predicted that they need to be more consistent Darshan isn't satisfied with just playing I think he wants to show the community that he is here and is serious!
    Please please please make more videos I can't read at work but play video is better.

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      level 1 Abell


      You will be able to see more videos coming up from NA LCS :D

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