KT Deft-Smeb thanked PawN for playing exceptionally despite feeling sick

KT Smeb calls PawN "the real MVP" for playing well despite being sick

On July 25th (KST), KT Rolster continued their winning streak as they defeated Samsung Galaxy 2-1 in the first day of Week 8 of 2017 LCK Summer Split. Hyukkyu "Deft" Kim and Kyungho "Smeb" Song were interviewed after the match by SpoTV on air as they were named as the MVP of Game 2 and 3 respectively.

The interview started with Deft sharing how he felt nervous as he hasn't had a chance to do a live interview for a long time.

Although Deft didn't think that the new patch would have a meaningful effect on the ADC metagame, he thought it will lead to interesting picks such as Maokai or Cho'Gath.

Smeb soon entered the interview as he was chosen to be the MVP of Game 3 for his stellar performance with Jarvan IV. Smeb suggested how he can play J4 well with right laning opponent and good team composition, and Deft also chimed in saying how Smeb liked to play with champions that can "crash into [enemies]."

Although the players only had a single day to prepare for Patch 7.14, Smeb boasted how everyone thought long and hard about drafting yesterday and suggesting how it helped them to win today's match. Deft said how he is not yet fully adjusted to the new patch, but he'll do his best to continue winning.

When the players were asked to say something about PawN, who recently had his fourth anniversary as a pro player, they thanked PawN for playing so well despite being sick.

"PawN has been feeling sick, so he had a hard time doing scrims and playing today's match. I'm thankful that he did well today and I think he is the real MVP." Smeb said. Deft also shared how PawN overcame his sickness after losing Game 1. "The first game wasn't easy, but I'm grateful that he managed to overcome it and did really well in Game 3."

The players wrapped the interview with Deft wishing for more interviews in future and Smeb promising to prepare well for the remaining matches against some of strongest team in the LCK.

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