Dr. Raoul, the master of ambushes - dominate the battlefield by stealth

Dr. Raoul is a Kinetic-attuned, melee Assassin in MXM. He can launch surprise attacks on enemies using his stealth, and deal tremendous AoE damage with his ultimate. He uses EP as a resource instead of MP.

Stealth is extremely crucial when you play Dr. Raoul. Using his passive, which grants him 1 second of stealth after landing a skill, you can move in and out of sight of your opponents, making it hard for them to predict where you will strike next. His stealth is great for quickly destroying enemies or escaping from a tight spot.

Dr. Raoul’s ultimate deals heavy damage from a considerable distance, making him almost more of a Nuker than an Assassin. Moreover, he also possesses a number of CC skills that are quite effective during teamfights; he can deploy an array of damaging mines that slow enemies or unleash an electrical blast that disrupts enemy vision, leaving them vulnerable to attack.

▲ Dr. Raoul is a Master specialized in stealth ambushes


Recommended Master options

Recommended Augment

Although Dr. Raoul can deal damage with skills, his EP is consumed quite quickly, which forces him to use weapon attacks more often. Weapon Damage is therefore recommended to increase the weapon damage.

Recommended skills combinations

This is to deal damage by mainly using skills. Hit the target from a distance with Ripper Beam, and deploy Tesla Mines when the enemy approaches.

Move to the back of the target, use Optic Disruptor to disrupt their vision, and perform weapon attacks to deal damage. Tele-Strike increases attack speed, allowing Dr. Raoul to deal a considerable amount of damage while the target’s vision is disrupted.


Dr. Raoul has 4 Offensive Node sockets. Weapon Damage is recommended for increasing his weapon damage. Critical Strike Chance is also suitable; if you land one or two critical strikes at the start of an ambush, the target is likely to be completely deleted.

Recommended Auxiliary skill

Sprint is helpful for approaching or escaping from enemies more easily. You can use this skill to approach the target following a Tele-Strike.

Traits priority

Skill Power increases the damage of his ultimate, which already deals massive damage. Moreover, it also increases the potential of Ripper Beam. However, Critical Strike Chance would be more suitable if you focus more on using weapon attacks.

Summary of Dr. Raoul’s skills

Unlike other Masters who consume MP, Dr. Raoul uses EP instead. EP recovers much faster than MP, but the maximum amount is lower than that of MP. This limits skill combinations as a result. With a few combinations, the amount of EP needed for using two skills is larger than the maximum amount, so you need to consider this thoroughly before choosing skills.

Ripper Beam is Dr. Raoul’s main skill. It fires a beam that follows your mouse cursor for 4 seconds, dealing heavy damage. Although the Master is unable to move while firing, it inflicts up to 610 damage if the target takes the full duration of the beam. Attempting other actions will cancel Ripper Beam.

Tesla Mines deploy an array of damaging mines in a random pattern. Mine explosions cause 170 damage and slow enemies by 50% for 2 seconds. It is quite effective for escaping when enemies are inbound or can be used to slow down enemies to make it easier to land additional attacks. It uses 55 EP.

▲ The range of Ripper Beam is quite long


Optic Disruptor unleashes an electrical blast around Raoul that disrupts enemy vision for 1 second. Even though it deals no damage, it blinds enemies, making it almost impossible for them to accurately attack. Because of that, this skill is quite effective in teamfights. You can use Dr. Raoul’s ultimate or Ripper Beam to follow up on Optic Disruptor. Non-Master enemies are terrorized instead of blinded.

Tele-Strike is great for initiating ambushes. Upon using the skill, Dr. Raoul teleports behind the target and gains 50% increased attack speed for 2 seconds. You can use this skill to get behind an opponent, and follow up with a quick slew of weapon attacks or skills. Close the gap by stealth and approach the target with Tele-Strike.

Dr. Raoul’s ultimate is called Shadow Drone Assault. When used, he activates Stealth Mode for 3 seconds and creates a Shadow Drone to take his place, while marking an area to be assaulted by Shadow Drones. All targets in the area are slowed by 50% for 2 seconds. After a short delay, several drones dive through the area, dealing massive damage. Recasting teleports Dr. Raoul to the targeted area, allowing the Master himself to deal damage together with his drones. The combination of his ult with Tele-Strike or stealth weapon attacks can inflict a tremendous amount of damage in a short time.

Synd Ingenuity grants 1 second of stealth upon landing a skill. Moreover, slowed enemies take additional damage from weapon attacks. Shadow Step is Dr. Raoul’s survival skill, which lets him instantly dashes 4.5 meters.

▲ Shadow Drone Assault deals massive damage and allows Dr. Raoul to teleport at the same time


Using Dr. Raoul - stealthy skill combos are the key

Dr. Raoul uses stealth and movement skills to instantly approach enemies and destroy them with his impeccable damage-dealing capability. His passive grants him stealth whenever his skills hit a target, so landing skills are crucial to keeping your enemies guessing your position.

You need to think about what skill order and a combination is ideal for your play style. Ripper Beam and Tele-Strike are generally used for initiating fights and receiving the stealth effect. Ripper Beam is used to harass the target from a distance, but it provides the stealth effect at the last tick of the skill, making it a less favorable skill if you aim to use it to gain stealth.

A Tele-Strike followed by Optic Disruptor is a common combination. However, this forces Dr. Raoul to get very close to the target, which can be quite risky under certain circumstances. Dr. Raoul’s HP and defense are relatively low compared to other Masters, so you need to look out for other enemy Masters or possible dangers before you dive in for the kill.

▲ Upon using Tele-Strike, you can approach the target and gain stealth


The skill combo starts from using Tele-Strike or the survival skill to approach the target first, and inflict CC with Tesla Mines or Optic Disruptor. You can then use weapon attacks and finish off the target with Shadow Drone Assault.

In Titan Ruins, it is recommended for Dr. Raoul to roam around the entire area and ambush lone enemies, or join teamfights with allies. It is not good to stay in the lanes as his skills do not deal AoE damage or quickly kill minions. He can also use the stealth effect and survival skill to get into the enemy group, assassinate the target, and escape much easier than other Masters.

▲ Optic Disruptor can blind the target

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