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Jin Air Teddy "We are aiming on fifth place in LCK to advance to PS"



Jin Air Greenwings has left a few steps to advance to post season.

On July 23rd, Jin Air Greenwings had defeated ROX Tigers 2-0 on the second game of the series. Jin Air ADC Jinsung "Teddy" Park had shown fantastic performance with one death record in two set games. He is one of the best ADC who is supported by LCK fans in these days. He had a interview after the match.

Here is full text of Teddy's interview.

Q.  Today you had defeated ROX 2-0.

I thought the game would be very hard because of Kalista. But they banned her, so I felt comfortable. Kalista seems the first tier ADC without Kaitlyn. 

Q. Second game was long term game. How do you think about that game?

Our team's mistake had made that game longer. We had given a chance to opponent with Rakan's death. We could have ended this game earlier.

Q. Your team had picked Galio in second game. That means, you were the only carry in the team. What things did you pay attention to during the match?

I paid attention to opponent's CCs. I thought I could win if I avoid Oriana's ultimate. 

Q. Your team could aim to fifth place in LCK by today's winning. Which team would be hardest match in terms of remaining matches?

MVP would be the team we should be concerned with. We were always defeated by MVP in tournament matches.

Q. Anything else to say?

In spring season, our performance was bad. We will do our best to advance to the post season with better records.


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