Smeb thinks kt Rolster has a chance to win summer split due to SKT T1's slump


On July 23rd, 'kt Rolster' and 'Afreeca freeks' had their fight. kt Rolster had defeated AFs 2-1 on the third set of the series. Wonsuk 'Pawn' Huh, Dongbin 'Score' Go, Kyungho 'Smeb' Song had a interview after the match and Smeb told they have a chance from SKT's slump.

Pawn first mentioned how his recent performance is good, and his thought on Leblanc. "I think I had played well in these days. Leblanc is good pick against Taliyah, it makes our team more strong in terms of Mid-Jungle 2 on 2 fight."

Score said a few word on his MVP point. "I feel so good because I got MVP rarely in this season. Smeb should had MVP point to sweeping MVP rank with Kuro. I helped Kuro in a sense in terms of MVP rank."

Smeb told an episode on MVP point with Kuro. Kuro provoked Smeb with his solo que tier before. "I had highst MVP point last year, but I was master tier at that time. That means it doesn't matter whether I am master tier or Challenger tier. And today, I even could not think about MVP point because I did not play well. I just thought I had to win."

Pawn and Score revealed their new goal, the first place in LCK. Pawn said, "There is still four matches which is remained. we will try to win every match." And Score said, "We do not have enough game point, we will do our effort to win every remained game by 2-0."

Finally, Smeb also revealed that kt Rolsters have a chance to win this summer split due to slump of SKT T1. "It is amazing thing. we always suffered under SKT T1, now we have a chance because of SKT T1's slump. we will do our best to cover our weakness to be a strongest team."

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