LZ Khan: "I feel like Jayce was created exclusively for me"

On the 22nd of July, on top OGN's e-Stadium, 'Longzhu Gaming' took down 'Ever 8 Winners' with a score of 2:0. With this victory, LZ placed 1st on the LCK leaderboards. During the series, LZ completely dominated EEW with superior macro management and teamfights. Playing Jax and Renekton, Khan made very precise macro decisions by joining teamfights and split-pushing accordingly.

The following is an interview done with LZ Khan.

Congratulations on your victory. You guys are now ranked 1st in the leaderboards.

While playing professionally, I have never set my goals too high. But now, I am standing at the highest point. It feels very strange yet great. I will continue to do my best to maintain this spot.

LZ showed spectacular performance during today's series. 

Our recent scrim results have been really good. Our bot duo is also very consistent on performing really well. Thanks to them, we are always able to snowball. Team MVP also cheered for us during our series, so I think that helped too.

Have you ever considered the idea of LZ becoming the no.1 team in the LCK?

Before starting my career, I always thought, "A team that consists of PraY, GorillA, and I, will never have bad results." I was the last one to join the team, and when I did, I couldn't help but notice how talented all the players of LZ were. Even the members of the coaching staff are amazing. So I knew LZ would end up being a top tier team.

Jayce is constantly banned during your games.

It feels good being acknowledged and respected like that. I feel like Jayce was created exclusively for me. But I am also confident on many other champions, not just him. 

Many items were changed on 'Patch 7.14'. Did it affect the toplane in any way?

Not really. Although champions that build Duskblade and Youmuu were indirectly buffed, the new 'Bramble Vest' is also too good. I think it was a great patch for the tanks.

Your next series is against 'Jin Air Green Wings'. What are your predictions?

The two toplaners of JAG share very different playstyles. But I will deal with them, no matter who shows up. I always see myself as a person in the position of challenging another. And for a challenge, having the right mentality and attitude is very important. I will play the series confidently.

Any last words?

Many fans expected LZ to be relegated when the team roster was announced. I was very disappointed upon seeing those reactions, especially because we have such a strong botlane. Well, we will continue to show better performance as the days go on.

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