LZ PraY on Standing at the Top of the LCK Leaderboards: "Longzhu is still a bottom tier team"

'Longzhu Gaming' climbs the leaderboard to become the 1st place team in the LCK

On July 22nd, 'Longzhu Gaming' and 'Ever 8 Winners' had their fight. Showcasing possibly the best macro management since the beginning of the split, LZ took a perfect game off of EEW on the 2nd set of the series, ending the score 2:0. It's also worth mentioning that this is the 5th consecutive win for LZ. And for making the biggest impact during the series, PraY and GorillA were both titled MVP for set 1 and 2 respectively. As the players climbed down from the stage, the famed bot duo was invited for an interview with the casters.

"Finally I received the title," said PraY. "All of my teammates have been taking the MVP title, but now I am able to hold this mic." Regarding PraY's comment, GorillA said, "I honestly thought PraY would take the title for both sets. It's a shame, he should've taken it in place of me." PraY, however, disagreed with GorillA by stating that his happiness was doubled because GorillA was there with him at the interview stage.

After today's victory, LZ became the no.1 team in the LCK. Regarding it, PraY jokingly said, "We are still a bottom tier team(laughs). To tell you the truth, our team was cheering for Team MVP during their series against SSG while we were waiting for our matchup. And because MVP took down SSG, we were able to take the no.1 spot." 

As told by the head coach of LZ in a previous interview, the members of LZ are all known to have a positive attitude. "There are many humorous players in our team. We laugh upon losing scrims, and we keep our smile even when losing games on top the stage. If we maintain this positive team atmosphere, I think we would be able to keep our performance at a high level," GorillA said. However, it isn't only the players that always stay positive, as the director of the team is also always seen smiling.  Regarding it, PraY commented, "Our director always carries this big smile; much more than the last split. And thanks to him, we are also getting more and more excited and happy."

When PraY was streaming, he mentioned that Tristana is a mediocre champion at best. But despite his comment, PraY completely carried the 1st set. "80% of what I say during stream are lies," said Pray. "I can't just say, "Tristana is good" during a stream. That would be revealing tactics!" He further added, "Tristana is weak compared to Kalista and Caitlyn. But if you are able to win or stay even during the laning phase, she ends up becoming a great pick in the late-game."

Recently, LZ has been playing their games very aggressively. On a question regarding this, PraY replied, "Our players are very mechanically talented. And although our team communication is good... no one else would understand what we are saying." On a side note, the old 'Rox Tigers' also had loud and messy team communication while PraY was there. On this subject, PraY said, "GorillA and I are now used to this kind of voice chat. The other 3 has also gotten used to it." 

The bot duo of LZ has been improving game after game. Particularly in this series, PraY and GorillA destroyed the opposing bot tower very quickly. PraY explained, "We won our lane, so we destroyed the tower fast. And on a side note, victory in bot lane is decided by the performance of the support." GorillA blushed from PraY's comment. "I was PraY's fan before starting my career. I am very flattered to hear such words from him. I will continue to do my best."

As the interview continued, the casters grew fond of the relationship between PraY and GorillA. As the casters mentioned that PraY seemed like the father of LZ while GorillA is like the mother, PraY said, "Then I guess the players of LZ don't enjoy talking to their father. They just do everything on their own, but at least they do it well."

As the interview neared its end, CloudTemplar asked PraY on how LZ has so many fans. "It feels odd hearing that from 'The Handsome CloudTemplar'," he replied. Then, GorillA finalized the interview. "We have upcoming games on Tuesday and Thursday. We will make sure to remain as the no.1 team for as long as possible."

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