Nanurunerk, a Summoner with bundle packs - follow your allies and empower them

Nanurunerk is an Ardent-attuned, long-ranged Summoner in MXM. Nanurunerk throws various items that buff those who pick them up (enemies included, so be careful where you throw them). Even though his primary role is a Summoner, he functions more as a Support.

Nanurunerk throws buff items in the form of Bundles. These Bundles provide a number of buffs such as increased weapon damage, a shield, or increased attack speed. There is also a bundle that buffs allies but binds enemies. Although his skills do not deal direct damage to enemies aside from when they are empowered, he can still fight to some extent by picking up Bundles himself.

Nanurunerk has his own resource called the RNG Meter. The meter rises when Nanurunerk or another Master picks up a bundle or if Nanurunerk lands weapon attacks. When the meter is full, the next skill is empowered. In addition, every 7th weapon attack is empowered, so it deals more damage, slows enemies struck, and gives you 10 additional RNG even if it doesn’t hit anything.

▲ Nanurunerk throws Bundles that give buffs to allies


Recommended Master options

Recommended Augment

Nanurunerk is a Master who supports allies with various items. Slow would help broaden his utility to better support allies by decreasing enemy movement speed.

Recommended skills combinations

This combination enhances attack and defense. It also drastically empowers one ally instantly.

The purpose of this combo is to focus more on the attack. Manastone Bundle, in particular, can permanently increase stats as long as the one with the buffs doesn’t die.


His setup consists of 1 Offensive, 2 Defensive, and 4 Auxiliary Node sockets. Skill Cooldown Reduction is a must for frequent uses of skills, and Movespeed is also a good choice in order to increase his mobility.

Recommended Auxiliary skill

As Nanurunerk needs to perform as a Support more than his primary role, understanding the current situation of the battlefield is crucial. Titan’s Gaze allows you to keep track of enemies.

Traits priority

Cooldown/Resource is the top priority due to Nanurunerk’s frequent skill use. Mobility is then chosen to increase his movement speed and stamina recovery.

Summary of Nanurunerk’s skills

Enchantment Stone Bundle throws a Bundle which increases weapon damage and skill power by 30% for 10 seconds. When empowered, the Bundle deals damage when thrown at enemies and grants a superior Enchantment Stone Bundle. The increased weapon damage is a useful buff for all Masters, so this skill is most commonly used.

Supply Bundle throws either an Anti-Shock Scroll Bundle or Courage Scroll Bundle. The Anti-Shock Scroll Bundle grants a shield that absorbs 500 damage, and the Courage Scroll Bundle increases attack speed by 15%. Both buffs last for 10 seconds. When empowered, the Bundle deals damage when thrown at enemies and drops an additional Bundle that grants 15 Ultimate Gauge. It can be used without much consideration, but you cannot predict what buff you will receive upon using the skill.

Manastone Bundle throws a Manastone Bundle that increases weapon damage, skill power, or critical strike chance by 2%. The Manastone Bundle effects can stack and remain active through tagging. When empowered, it throws two Manastone Bundles. It is not used as often as other skills, and stacks are reduced to 50% upon death.

Trickster Bundle throws a Trickster Bundle that grants 30% movement speed for 3 seconds when picked up by allies, or binds for 2 seconds when picked up by enemies. When empowered, the Bundle deals damage when thrown at enemies and grants its effects in a small area instead of only to whoever picked it up. You may let allies to pick up the Bundle, but can also let enemies pick it up in order to bind them.

▲ Enchantment Stone Bundle is Nanurunerk’s main skill that increases overall damage


Nanurunerk’s ultimate, called FIRESALE!, knocks back nearby enemies and throws out every Bundle for Masters to pick up. You can deal damage to enemies while providing buffs to allies, but it is unfortunately not very effective during teamfights, since the buffs are available to enemies and allies are usually too busy attacking to go for the bundles.

His passive is called Savvy Shugo. Whenever you hit weapon attacks and when a Master picks up a Bundle, it increases your RNG Meter by 10. Once full, your next skill will have an empowered effect. Every seventh basic attack grants you 10 RNG and slows enemies for 1 second. Nanurunerk’s survival skill is Deal Chaser; it increases his movement speed for 2 seconds.

▲ The ultimate knocks back enemies


Using Nanurunerk - follow your allies and empower them

All of Nanurunerk’s skills have effects that empower allies. Thus, his primary role is to follow and empower them. Most provided buffs are focused on offense, thus it is more effective to follow damage dealing Masters instead of tanky ones.

Of course, Nanurunerk can empower himself by picking up Bundles. However, the only possible way of dealing damage with him is via his weapon attacks, which aren’t very strong. It is therefore not recommended for him to pick up Bundles and engage in fights.

f you are to use Manastone Bundle, try to stack as many buffs as you can on both yourself and your allies. Using Teleport would make the job much easier. You also need to check which allies died, as the stacks are reduced upon death and you will need to provide restack the buffs.

▲ Upon picking up Bundles, various stats are increased


Most Bundles are to be thrown where allies are located. However, You may need to throw the Trickster Bundle at enemies because it’s more effective when picked up by enemies rather than allies. You can also throw the Bundle in the enemy’s path to intercept their movement, but minions can pick up Bundles as well, so you need to be careful where you throw.

His ultimate is most effective when allies and enemies are all grouped in one spot. However, you usually use the skill just to knock back enemies, as both teams rarely group up together.

As his skills generally support only one target, his capability is not as great as other Masters during teamfights. Therefore, it is recommended that you try to engage in small fights to maximizing his abilities.

▲ Be careful with the use of Bundles as they can also be picked up by minions

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