In-depth MXM Master Guide to Lilu, a Support with powerful crowd control skills

Lilu is a Helix Support Master who is specialized in harassing enemies from afar. She uses a ranged weapon that can deal decent damage but has slow attack speed. The damage will decrease against the enemies closer than 5m around Lilu.

Most of Lilu’s skills involve her hawk. Lilu has a skill that deals damage over time to enemies within a designated area, and a skill where she moves swiftly with her hawk. Also, she can make a target float, either saving an ally or stopping an enemy from running away. She also has a crowd control skill that can Stun enemies.

Lilu’s DoT skill makes auto attacks more effective. Lilu’s ultimate can be used on anyone except for Lilu herself, and will deal damage to the target and to the area surrounding the target.


▲ Lilu can always keep the enemies in check with her crowd control skills.


▣ Recommended Master Setting

◆ Weapon Upgrade

Lilu’s damage will decrease against enemies within 5m of her, so you should attack from a distance. However, attacking from a distance often makes you miss your shots a lot. Upgrade Attack Speed to fire as many shots as possible.

◆ Skill Combination

Bird of Prey and Feather Crest are good skills to harass enemies. Use Bird of Prey to stop the enemies from approaching you, and Stun them with Feather Crest to hit them back.

Talon Swarm and Birds of a Feather are especially good when you are Jungling. Kill neutral monsters with Talon Swarm, and escape from or engage in fights swiftly with Birds of a Feather.

◆ Nodes

Auxiliary Nodes are the core Nodes for Lilu. Skill Power, Skill Cooldown Reduction, or Mana Nodes are the highest priority, and get a Movement Speed Node if you can afford it.

◆ Spell

Although Lilu is a Support Master, she can also be a decent Jungler. A mobility Spell will allow her to move around the map quickly.

◆ Traits

Lilu’s damage heavily rely on her auto attack. Upgrade Weapon Damage first and use the rest of the points on Cooldown/Resource.


▣ Lilu’s Skillset - You shouldn’t really play her like a Support

Bird of Prey is a skill that can lift up an enemy using Lilu’s hawk. You can stop an enemy from approaching you or drop an enemy on a specific spot to deal damage. The enemy will be powerless while in the air, and won’t be able to attack, dodge, or use skills. Move enemies to a spot where your teammates can deliver massive damage to quickly eliminate them.

If you use the skill on an ally, you can rescue them from enemy attacks. You can also help your allies get to a better position to make team fights easier.

Talon Swarm is an AoE skill that also deals damage over time. The skill will reveal the surrounding area, and also reveal the enemies who are in stealth mode. Use the skill where enemies are grouped up, or on a place where an enemy could be hiding. The skill will also reduce the time it takes to kill neutral monsters.

Birds of a Feather is a mobility skill that will allow Lilu to safely escape from fights or engage in fights. The skill will make Lilu immune to crowd control, so use it when you think you are about to get hit by your enemies’ combo.

Feather Crest is a good skill to keep enemies in check and to chase them. The skill strikes in a line, marking a target with a charm and revealing them for 3 seconds. If you hit a target, you can send your eagle out to the target, stunning the target and any enemies hit. During fights, try to land the initial strike on the furthest enemy, so that you can stun any enemies between you and your target.


▲ Landing Feather Crest’s first hit is not easy, so don’t be hasty.


Razor Beak, Lilu’s passive skill, adds an extra weapon strike to every 4th attack. Enemies hit by Lilu’s 4th attack will take extra damage, so try to land those as much as possible to maximize your damage. Wingrider is a Survivability skill where the hawk carries Lilu into the air, allowing her to dodge enemy attacks.

Lilu’s ultimate, Screeching Crest, will leave a mark which deals damage over time on her target. The enemies around the primary target will also take damage, making the skill more effective when enemies are grouped up. The skill is effective against enemies with low HP, but the mark will be removed if the enemy tags out. Keep an eye on your target, and use the skill after he/she has already switched.


▲ The one who is targeted by Lilu’s ultimate will take damage over time.


▣ Advanced Tips on Lilu - Level up as fast as you can, and harass your enemies with crowd control skills.

Lilu is a Master who is capable of both harassing enemies and playing as a Jungler. Lilu can also effectively interrupt enemy movements with her skills, making her a great Support who can play different roles.

In early game, level up as fast as you can by killing neutral monsters with Talon Swarm. Use skills and auto attacks to kill them off, and also kill enemy guardians on the way to siege.

When an enemy approaches you while you are Jungling, use your mobility skills to go back to your teammates.


▲ Regroup with your teammates when the fight starts.


When a teamfight happens, you will be taking different actions according to the skills you have. If you chose crowd control skills, you can block an enemy from engaging in the fight. Use Bird of Prey to lift up an enemy, and drop him in front of an attacking ally. If you also have Feather Crest, Stun the enemy to make him take more damage.

Bird of Prey can support allies as well as harass enemies. Drop an ally initiator in the middle of enemies to initiate a teamfight, or save an ally who is being focused by the enemies by picking them up and dropping them somewhere safe.

If you are using Birds of a Feather, move to the side of the enemies and make your attack intersect with other friendly attacks. It can distract the enemies, and break up enemy attacks. Also, use Talon Swarm to distract the enemies and deal damage over time. If enemy Masters are coming to get you, safely escape and regroup with your teammates with Birds of a Feather.

Lilu’s ultimate is the best skill to effectively harass enemies. You can either use it where enemies are grouped together, or on an enemy who is running away to his base. If you have Bird of Prey, use Screeching Crest on an enemy and then drop them where enemies are grouped together to deal additional damage to enemy Masters.


▲ Escape from enemy attacks with Bird of Prey.

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