Longzhu Bdd shares how PraY made him aim at winning the LCK

Longzhu Bdd realizes how he should be aiming high as he can from PraY's teaching

On July 20th (KST), Longzhu Gaming took down SK Telecom T1 2-0 in the first match of 2017 LCK Summer Split Day 33. Boseong "Bdd" Kwak and Beomhyun "GorillA" Kang were named as the MVP for Game 1 and 2 respectively, and they were interviewed on air after the match.

The interview started with Bdd talking about the premonition that he had this morning. "I felt very refreshed after waking up today, so I thought we might win today. I'm glad it came true."

GorillA felt that they just needed to do their best.

When asked about Bdd's recent good performance, Bdd was modest about it. "I don't think I'm doing particularly well. I'm just becoming more confident through experience of winning."

Then Bdd showed confidence against Galio, a champion that he once saw as a "God Tier" champion. "Galio used to feel like a God Tier in mid. Nowadays, it feels like Galio got weaker, so I picked Taliyah because I thought I could win with her."

SKT's mistake that involved the raptors were what sealed Game 1, and Bdd shared his perspective of the event. "Khan told us that he had Teleport as he was recalling back to base, so we chased after them and got kills."

GorillA surprised the crowd by picking Blitzcrank, and he knew that it was uncharacteristic of him to play with such champion. "I don't usually try to play with specific champions, but I wanted to play Blitzcrank. Wolf likes to play with Lulu, who is weak against grab abilities. So, I prepared to play with Blitzcrank because I expect him to pick Lulu if Thresh wasn't available."

It might not be a surprise that he had a good feeling about the pick, which was validated as soon as the game started. "I often think get this feeling that I'd do well that day when I manage to score a grab. Today, I threw a grab to Faker at Level 1 and made him use Flash, so I thought today would be a good day."


When asked why he didn't pick Blitzcrank until now, it turns out that GorillA had a bit of past behind it. "I wasn't too good with Blitzcrank back when MadLife and Mata excelled with Blitzcrank and I was at Najin Shield. When I played with Zefa, he told me to stop stealing minions with Static Field, so I couldn't play it for a long time. I think I'm doing well with Blitz nowadays."

Unfortunately, GorillA wasn't so sure about other less used supports like Janna, Sona and Miss Fortune.

When asked about the goal for this split, Bdd shared an interesting story about him and PraY.

"I was actually aiming for LCK Playoffs and possibly the worlds. Then, when I asked PraY whether we'd make it to playoffs, he answered: 'Were you aiming for just playoffs? You have to aim to win!' So I'm also aiming to win now."

GorillA chimed in to share his opinion. "Winning [a league] is the goal of all pro players. I hope we do well."

Finally, Bdd wrapped up the interview by thanking the fans. "Although people were worried that we might lose today, I'm glad we win in the end. We'll do our best to continue the winning streak, so please continue to cheer for us."

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