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JAG UmTi-Kuzan: "How can the jungler deal most damage to champions? What were you all doing?"


On July 18th (KST), Jin Air Green Wings took down SK Telecom T1 2-0 in the first match of 2017 LCK Summer Split Day 31. Sunghyeon "UmTi" Um and Sunghyuk "Kuzan" Lee were named as the MVP for Game 1 and 2 respectively, and they were interviewed on air after the match.

The interview started with just Umti, and he first expressed how he was glad that he finally won a match in the Nexon Arena. "I thought we were jinxed because we always lose in Nexon Arena. But now that we broke it by defeating a strong team, I think we'll be on a winning streak from this.""

Umti made aggressive plays from the start, and it allowed JAG to snowball the game to a swift win in Game 1. "My plan was to gank a lane quickly with Experience runes, and I wanted to gank botlane because of Zyra. Instead, I had to gank mid because there were too many wards. I'm glad it worked out."

Yet, he expressed regret how he couldn't end Game 2 without dying and revealed how he wasn't the MVP for Game 2. "I couldn't end Game 2 without death because I was caught twice. I would've been named as the MVP twice it wasn't for that."

However, he still showed confidence over how he dealt the most damage to champions in Game 1. "I didn't expect that at all. It gave me a chance to scold my teammates. 'How can the jungler deal most damage to champions? What were you all doing?'"


Then, Umti was joined by Kuzan as he was named as the MVP for Game 2.

When asked about not being named as the MVP for Game 1, Kuzan praised Umti on how he did well in both games. "I think Umti deserved it because he played better. I'm glad he also did well in Game 2."

As for what went well in game, Kuzan decided to praise UmTi once more. "The game was easier because Umti decided to be KingTi. It feels like I got boosted by him."

This, in turn, made Umti rather embarrassed about his cocky answers "Well, I feel like I was being too cocky with the answers. (Laughs)"

UmTi was soon given a chance to praise Kuzan in return. "Kuzan is really good at laning, so it's a pleasure to tag him along. I want to thank him for playing to his fullest."

It didn't last long before UmTi returned to his usual confidence, as UmTi boasted how he was the best with Lee Sin. "My confidence with Lee Sin is top notch. I can take on anyone with Lee Sin, but it's a shame that my team doesn't agree with me on that. (Laughs)"


Kuzan kept praising the jungler, albeit for a selfish reason. "As a midlaner, I very much prefer to play with Lee Sin. The game becomes much easier with Lee Sin because he tends to look after mid. I don't care about other laners. (Laughs)"

With LCK leaderboard being unpredictable due to all the upsets, UmTi suddenly started to feel more conscious about team standing and his own Solo Queue leaderboard. "Now I'm really conscious about ranks. Not just our team standing in LCK, but my solo queue rank as well, which is currently at 18th."

Kuzan wrapped up his part of interview with both promising that they'll consistently win against teams of all strengths and not just act as the upset maker. "We are often seen as being strong against stronger teams and weak against weaker teams. We'll do our best to be consistently strong against other teams."

UmTi ended his part as well by repeat what Kuzan felt - with something extra. "We've been stealing wins from the rich and handing them out to the poor like Robin Hood. That ends here. We'll definitely make it to the playoffs."


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