An in-depth guide to Vita - Great support for healing and poking

Vita is a Helix-attuned poking support in MXM. Vita’s mid-ranged weapons, Vitaforce, both heals and increases the defense of any allies struck with it. The projectile speed is low but can cover a long range, allowing Vita to poke from a distance.

Vita has unique skills, allowing her to polymorph an enemy into a cute lamb, or make hearts float around her that heal allies or damage enemies who come into contact with them.

Her survivability via her passive skill and ult is rather high- Vita can constantly shield herself with her passive skill, and become immune to enemy attacks for a short period of time with her ult. Her ult causes both allies and enemies within range to dance.


▲ Vita, who is great at both supporting allies and poking at enemies




▣ Just 30 seconds before the battle starts! Recommended Master options

◆ Recommended Augments

Vita is a support specialized in poking, but you can also help your allies play more actively by healing them. I recommend HP Recovery for your weapon augment since you’ll have a higher chance of winning your battles if your allies can be sustained longer.

◆ Recommended Skill Combinations

The Wooly Ballad and Vital Aura skill combo is the best one for poking at enemies. Polymorph your target into a harmless lamb and silence nearby enemies with your Vital Aura.


The Note of Nullification and Valiabolt skill combo lets you support your allies with more ease. Using Note of Nullification on your allies will create shields for them, and using Valiabolt can heal your allies and deal damage to your enemies while slowing them at the same time.

◆ Node Compatibility

Vita’s Node compatibility consists mostly of Auxiliary Nodes. Since her use of skills is fairly high, she’ll need Nodes that can increase her skill power and MP recovery.

◆ Recommended Spell

In order to effectively poke at your enemies, you’ll need to know where they are; you’ll also be able to help your allies keep vision so I recommend using Titan’s Gaze.

◆ Traits Priority

Using both skills and weapon attacks is important for Vita, but it is better to invest your Trait Points mainly on Cooldown/Resources in the early game. Later as you gain more level, invest the rest of the points in Weapon Damage.



▣ Keep your enemies at bay while helping your allies! Innowin’s Skill Set

Wooly Ballad is a special skill which polymorphs a target into, well, a wooly lamb. Any target turned into a lamb will be slowed by 30%, which makes it easy for Vita to stop nearby enemies from attacking. Also, this is a click-to-hit skill, so you will be able to halt their attacks as long as they are in range.

Note of Nullification is a buff/debuff skill that you can use on your allies and enemies. Using it on your ally will grant the target a shield that blocks 400 damage, while using it on your enemy will remove any buffs they have, inflicting damage based on the number of buffs removed. You can help your teammates to move forward or weaken your enemies with this skill.

Valiabolt is a skill that fires a projectile over a long distance, piercing several targets. Both allies and enemies hit by this projectile will be affected- allies will heal for 250 HP,while enemies will be dealt damage and be slowed by 50%. When your teammates are in the middle of fighting, use this skill whenever you can on both allies and enemies. Since this skill is long range, you can use it to poke at your enemies from a distance.

Vital Aura is a skill that conjures up an aura of hearts around Vita. Using this on Vita will grant her increase in movespeed; coming in contact with the hearts orbiting Vita will heal allies for 100 HP, but inflict damage and silence your enemies. In order for the hearts to have any effect, a target must come in contact with them. Since they orbit very close to Vita, it is safer to simply use the hearts to heal your allies instead of trying to damage your enemies. However, if an enemy does manage to get near you, you can use Vital Aura to damage them a bit, and give yourself a speed boost to get away.


▲ Use Note of Nullification on allies with low HP to help them live.


Harmony is Vita’s passive skill which creates a shield around Vita for 6 seconds for every third skill she uses. It absorbs damage and regenerates MP, and reduces the cooldown of Vita’s skills by 30% when it expires, although her survival skill cooldown remains the same. Her survival skill, Dizzying Twirl, causes Vita to evade enemy attacks with a quick turn.

Vita’s ult, Aria of Life, cancels all enemy attacks and prevents both allies and enemies within 5m from either attacking or moving. These Masters become immune to all attacks, and ally Masters will recover HP and Stamina. Vita’s ult is great for surviving tough situations and even provides a chance to overturn a battle when allies are losing. You should be strategic when using Vita's ult however, as a badly-timed ult can make a situation worse. If you use Aria of Life to try and save an escaping teammate, the enemy team may surround you while you are under your own CC.


▲ Every third skill use (aside from her survival skill) will grant Vita a shield.



▣ Be flexible in a rapidly changing battle situation! How to effectively play Vita

Vita is a Master who supports allies and poke at enemies at the same time. She is a great support for those who prefer healing roles but also like to shoot puffy hearts of pain at enemies. Her weapon attack projectile splits into two additional projectiles upon hitting a target, which makes her shine in teamfights.

Vita’s weapon attacks are important, but her skills should usually take higher priority. That being said, don’t forget to use your weapon attack between skills, especially during team fights; the heals and defense buff could be the determining factor in a battle.

For early game, I recommend using another Master for farming minions or jungle monsters so that you can quickly level up. Vita’s weapon attack isn’t low but she doesn’t have skills that helps her kill monsters. If you wish to stick with her however, you can help an ally take down some jungle monsters.


▲ Valiabolt slows down your enemies and heals your allies upon hit.


You’ll need to keep your distance to poke at enemies once teamfights break out. Always keep yourself behind your allies to heal them HP and grant them shields whenever necessary.

If an enemy moves near where your allies are, use Wooly Ballad to turn them into a lamb. Once polymorphed, enemies tend to back off, but it’s also possible to take them down if your team is close enough.

Apart from poking at your enemies, you can also use Note of Nullification to shield your allies, protecting them against enemy threats. Or, you can use Valiabolt to keep your allies healthy while whittling away at your enemies.

If needed, use Aria of Life to protect your allies and bind your enemies in the middle of teamfights. This will buy you time to turn the game around, given the chance.


▲ Turn a crisis into a chance by using Vita’s ult.

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