AFs KurO: "Spirit doesn't like how I get all the MVP points"

On July 15th (KST), Afreeca Freecs put SK Telecom T1 in a losing streak as they ended the match with 2-0 in the second match of 2017 LCK Summer Split Day 29. Seohaeng "KurO" Lee was named as the MVP of both games, and he was interviewed on OGN to share a few comments on the match.

The interview started with KurO being congratulated on getting ahead in the MVP point race at 1100 points. "I thought Spirit would get the MVP for Game 2 because he did well in the early game, but I guess I did well too." said.

KurO also weighed in on the Jungle Rumble returning after more than a year in LCK, boasting how the pick served them well in scrims.

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KurO performed spectacularly with Corki in Game 1, and he was confident that he'd do well with one of the most popular midlane champion at the moment. "Corki is a pick that I'm good with, and he is a popular choice nowadays; I could play it with confidence."

However, he was still modest when asked about how he felt about watching his own plays. "I tend to watch my own games afterwards, and I can find situations where I could have played better. I don't think I play particularly well or spectacular."


KurO also played well with Kassadin in Game 2, as he made his presence known throughout the map with Teleports and Rift Walks.

"I like playing with Kassadin. He is unfairly strong, and I play with him very well. I just told them that I wanted to play him." He said. KurO went on to explain how the team makes good use of Teleports overall, and how Teleport calls are generally made by MaRin.

As the interview went back to the topic of MVPs, KurO agreed how everyone in AFs deserves an MVP. However, there's one person who doesn't particularly like KurO getting all the MVP points - Spirit. "Spirit doesn't like how I get all the MVP points [when we win]. He was jealous about how he didn't get the MVP in Game 2 as well. Though I have to admit that I'm happy that I got [both MVPs]."

As a matter of fact, Spirit actually mentioned how he wanted to get the MVP for Game 2 and seemed slightly bitter that he couldn't. "I thought I'd get the MVP [in Game 2] because I had the best KDA, but I guess I didn't get it because I did poorly in Game 1. (Laughs)"

KurO concluded the interview by thanking the fans and wishing for the Worlds. "I'd like to thank the fans who cheered for us on our way to today's clean 2-0. Players, coaching staffs and administrators are all doing their best, but I'll try harder so that we can get to the World Championship. Hwaiting!"

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