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Jungle Rumble returns to LCK for the first time since Spring 2016


The Rumble in the Jungle returns with AFs Spirit

On July 15th (KST), the second match of Day 29 in 2017 LCK Summer Split ended with Afreeca Freecs defeating SK Telecom T1. In the first game of the match, Dayoon "Spirit" Lee prepared a surprise as he picked Rumble as a jungler, which hasn't been played in Korea since 2016 Spring Split.

While the MVP of the game went to Seohaeng "KurO" Seo, Spirit's Rumble showed a respectable performance in the game, including a well-timed gank at Faker's Taliyah that scored a kill for Rumble.

In the interview with OGN, Kuro boasted that Jungle Rumble pick was a wild card that made them win almost all scrims with this old but new innovation.

"Spirit told us that he was good with The Equalizer, so we tried out Jungle Rumble in scrims and won almost all games. I thought Rumble would be banned because MaRin was good with him, but we had a few chances to play with him." He said. KurO also suggested that the pick was weighted more towards jungle from the start.

Spirit's press interview further discussed Rumble as a jungler. When asked what the main strategy was in today's match, Spirit said: "We wanted to throw a curveball in the draft phase. Jungle Rumble was a part of that plan. We also banned several champions that we didn't want to face, and heavily focused on macro plays. The games went according to plan."


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